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Periodical Indexes in English

The following indexes focus on the social sciences and humanities. General English language indexes are not available for the following countries: Bangladesh, Burma, Japan, Cambodia, Korea, Nepal, Laos, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. The Bibliography of Asian Studies, however, indexes Western language publications for all of Asia. Other web-based journal article indexes (available via the UH Manoa Library's gateway to databases) with substantive Asia coverage include: Expanded Academic Index, Academic Search Premier, ABI/Inform, Asian Business, ERIC, Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS), and LexisNexis Academic. F&S Index International (First Floor Reference Collection HC10 F752) is also strong for Asia citations, as is ingenta (formerly UnCover).


Bibliography of Asian Studies (UH Manoa IP addresses only)
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Western-language monographs, articles and book chapters on all parts of Asia published since 1971. [Current]

Bibliography of Asian Studies. Ann Arbor: Association for Asian Studies.

Call Number: Asia Ref Z30001.B5
Languages: English and other Western languages
Frequency: Annual
Library Holdings: 1936 - 1991
Time Lag: 6 years
Description: Previous titles were Bulletin of Far Eastern Bibliography and Far Eastern Bibliography. More than 1,000 journals indexed and 200 books are analyzed.



Bibliography of Chinese Studies. Hamburg: Institute of Asian Affairs and the Asia and South Pacific Section of the Overseas Documentation, German Overseas Institute.

Call Number: Asia Ref Z3106.B52
Language: Chinese, English and German
Frequency: Annual
Library Holdings: 1982 -
Time Lag: 1-2 years
Description: Covers China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. The collection of articles is based on the "Monthly Bibliography" of CHINA aktuell, a monthly publication. More than 60 periodicals available in the library of the Institute of Asian Affairs are indexed.



Guide to Indian Periodical Literature. Gurgaon: Indian Documentation Service.

Call Number: Asia Ref AI19.I4G9
Language: English
Frequency: Quarterly with annual cumulations
Library Holdings: 1968 -
Time Lag: 1 year
Description: Subject - author index to articles in over 500 journals published in India. Also includes articles from Times of India and Economic Times.

Index India: A Documentation List on India of Documents in English. Jaipur: Rajasthan University Library.

Call Number: Asia Ref Z3203.I5
Language: English
Frequency: Quarterly
Library Holdings: 1967 - 1969, 1972 - 1974, 1984 - 1993
Time Lag: 3 years
Description: Includes publications from all over the world.



Excerpta Indonesica. Leiden: Modern Indonesia Department, Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology.

Call Number: Asia Ref Z3273.E83
Language: English, Dutch, Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1970 -
Time Lag: 1 - 2 years
Description: Abstracts articles and selected new books in all languages.



Indeks Majallah Malaysia. Malaysian Periodical Index. Kuala Lumpur: Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia.

Call Number: Asia Ref AI19.M3I53
Language: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese, and Tamil
Frequency: Semi-annual
Library Holdings: 1973 - 1991
Time Lag: 6 years
Description: Indexes selected Malayasian periodicals deposited at the National Library of Malaysia. Subject headings are in English. Citations are in the language of the article.

Indexes on CD-ROM. Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia.
Contents: 1996 includes: Indeks majalah Malaysia = Malaysian periodicals index (1984-June 1991); Indeks persidangan Malaysia = Index to Malaysian conferences (1988-1994); and: Indeks suratkhabar Malaysia = Malaysian newspaper index (1988-June 1991).



Index to Philippine Periodicals. Quezon City: University of the Philippines Library.

Call Number: Asia Ref AI3.I63
Language: English
Frequency: Quarterly
Library Holdings: 1955/56 - 1979, 1985/86 - 1993
Time Lag: 3 - 4 years
Description: More than 80 Philippine periodicals are indexed. Includes book and film reviews.



Singapore Periodicals Index. Singapore: National Library.

Call Number: Asia Ref AI3.S57
Language: English, Malay, and Chinese
Frequency: Annual
Library Holdings: 1969/70 - 1993
Time Lag: 2 years
Description: Covers approximately 150 periodicals published in Singapore.


Southeast Asia

Index to Periodical Articles Relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, ASEAN: Humanities and Social Sciences. Singapore: National University of Singapore Library.

Call Number: Asia Ref DS520.I523
Language: Malay, English and other Western Languages
Frequency: Annual
Library Holdings: 1980 - 1993
Time Lag: 2 years
Description: Over 400 periodicals published inside and outside the region are covered. There is a separate book review section arranged by the author's name.





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