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Shashi Links

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Shashi Collections in Other Institutions

  • The Journal of Japanese Business and Company
    Northa American Shashi Interest Group's peer review online journal.

  • Japanese Company Histories Wiki ŽÐŽjWiki
    (via Ohio State University)
    North American Shashi Interest Group's New Shashi Wiki Page via OSU Library. Searchable in both English and Japanese. For some titles, images of cover and table of contents can be viewed.

  • Kawasaki Toshokan shozo korekushon to kensaku
    Includes searchable database for more than 12,000 shashi titles. Japanese only.

  • Shashi Bibliographies
    (University of Kansas, East Asian Library)
    A list of shashi collection held by the library.

  • Shozo shashi mokuroku
    (Kigyo Joho Bunseki Shiryoshitsu, Research Institute for Economics & Business Administration, Kobe University)_ŒË‘åŠwŠ‘ ŽÐŽj–Ú˜^
    Bibliographic information of company histories held by the shiryoshitsu can be viewed by industry type and Japanese alphabetical order. Also includes some non-Japanese companies. Japanese only.

Shashi Research Guides

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