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Japanese Literature

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Nihon Bungaku Text File

Portal site for full texts of Japanese literature, etc.

Denshika sareta Nihongo Text

List and links of digitized Japanese texts.

Higuchi Ichiyo Shosetsushu

University of Kyoto site for Higuchi Ichiyo's novels (full text)

Konjaku Monogatari

University of Kyoto site (full text)

Kunijo Kabukie Kotoba

University of Kyoto site (full text)

Kicho Shiryo Gazo Homepage

Old maps, Meiji Restoration materials, many scrolls, Nara Ehon images, etc.

Denshiban Katei Bunko

1,159 literature and performing arts books during the Edo periods. Searchable database of the Katei Bunko.

Ugetsu Monogatari

Images of Ugetsu Monogatari vol. 1 - vol. 5

Tsukuba Daigaku Kichosho Gazo

Images of many rare collections at the Tsukuba University.

Nara Joshi Daigaku Kichosho Gazo

Ise Monogatari, Travel diaries during Edo, old journals, women's issues, etc.

NDL Kindai Digital Library

Modern literature after Meiji

Kotenseki Shiryo

Full text of the Japanese classical literature by the National Diet Library. Can search citations.

Japanese Text Initiative

Over 20 classical Japanese literature texts are available in Japanese and English. The list is growing.

Aozora Bunko (BlueSky Collection)

Japanese literature full-texts.

Shoseki Digital-ka Iinkai

Japanese literature full-texts.

Japanese Journals/Magazines

  • Social Science Japan Journal
    The purpose of this newsletter is to provide concise information in English on key people, important literature and recent developments in four fields of social science research on Japan: economics, political science, law and, to a limited extent, sociology. Social Science Japan is published by the Information Center for Studies in Japanese Society, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo. Full-text from 1994 to present.
  • WebShincho
  • Japan Echo
  • AsiaDoc E-Newsletter
  • English translations of Sekai (Iwanami Shoten Pub.)

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