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New Acquisitions
   June 2005 (Šñ‘¡}‘‚ðŠÜ‚Þ)

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  • •§‹³lŒÃŠwŽ–“T^â‹lGˆê•ÒB@“Œ‹ž : —YŽRŠtB
    (Bukkyo kokogaku jiten)
    EAST REF BQ230.B85 2003
  • —ð‘ã“Vc”N†Ž–“T^•Ä“c—Y‰î•ÒB@“Œ‹žF‹gìO•¶ŠÙB
    (Rekidai tenno nengo jiten)
    EAST REF DS834.1.R45 2003
  • V˜a‰p’†Ž«“T Kenkyusha's New College Japanese-English Dictionary ‘æ5”Ł^Martin Collick‘¼•ÒB@“Œ‹žFŒ¤‹†ŽÐB
    (Shin waei chujiten)
    EAST REF PL679.S55 2002


  • “ú–{Žj”‰ÆŒn}l–¼Ž«“T^ŠÄC¬˜a“c“N’jB@“Œ‹ž : u’kŽÐB
    (Nihonshi shoka keizu jinmei jiten)
    EAST REF CS1309.A2 N57 2003
  • ‹ßŒ»‘ã“ú–{l•¨Žj—¿î•ñŽ«“T^ˆÉ“¡—², ‹G•‰Ã–ç•ÒB@“Œ‹žF‹gìO•¶ŠÙB
    (Kingendai nihon jinbutsu shiryo joho jiten)
    EAST REF CT1832.K32 2004
  • “ú–{’n–¼‚æ‚Ý‚©‚½Ž«“TB@“Œ‹žF‹¤—§•¶‰»ŽÐB
    (Nihon chimei yomikata jiten)
    EAST REF DS805.N5156 2003
  • ‘å]ŒË•œŒ³}ŠÓŽ–¯•Ò.^ùŠÔ—Ç•FB@“Œ‹ž : —VŽqŠÙB
    ( Oedo fukugen zukan shominhen)
    EAST REF DS822.2.S24865 2003
  • “¿ì–‹•{Ž–“T ^’|“à½•ÒB “Œ‹ž : “Œ‹ž“°o”ŁB
    (Tokugawa bakufu jiten)
    EAST REF DS871.T498 2004
  • ‰«“ê‚ð[‚­’m‚鎖“T ^ u‰«“ê‚ð’m‚鎖“Tv•ÒWˆÏˆõ‰ï•ÒB “Œ‹ž : “úŠOƒAƒ\ƒVƒG[ƒcB
    (Okinawa o fukaku shiru jiten)
    EAST REF DS894.99.O37 O55 2003
  • –¯˜bEÌ˜bWì•i–¼‘——B@“Œ‹ž : “úŠOƒAƒ\ƒVƒG[ƒcB
    (Minwa mukashibanashi sakuhinmei soran)
    EAST REF GR340 .M556 2004
  • “ú–{ƒAƒiƒLƒYƒ€‰^“®l–¼Ž–“T = Biografia leksikono de la Japana anarkista movadoB@“Œ‹ž : ‚Ï‚éo”ŁB
    (Nihon anakizumu undo jinmei jiten)
    EAST REF HX947.Z65 N55 2004
  • •W€Œêˆø‚«“ú–{•ûŒ¾Ž«“T^ŠÄC²“¡—ºˆêB
    (Hyojungo biki nihon hogen jiten)
    EAST REF PL691 .H965 2004
  • ŠG‰ð‚«]ŒË‚ÁŽqŒê‘厫“T ^ ùŠÔ—Ç•FB@“Œ‹ž : —VŽqŠÙB
    (Etoki edokkogo daijiten)
    EAST REF PL693.T5 S27 2003
  • ŠÂ‹«Žj”N•\. º˜aE•½¬•Ò, 1926-2000 ^‰ºìãԎj•ÒB@“Œ‹ž : ‰Ío‘–[VŽÐB
    (Kankyoshi nenpyo showa heisei hen)
    EAST REF TD171.5.J3 K36 2004
  • o”ŎБå‘S ^ ‰–àVŽÀMB@“Œ‹ž : ˜_‘nŽÐB
    (Shuppansha taizen)
    EAST REF Z463.3 .S4325 2003


  • ÅVî•ñŒêŽ«“T Up-to-date dictionary of new concepts ^ “n•Óûž, ‰œ’Õ¶•vŠÄCB@“Œ‹ž : ‰i‰ª‘“XB
    (Saishin johogo jiten)
    EAST REF PL677 .S23 1987
  • ‘Û‰»VŽž‘ã‚ÌŠO—ˆŒêE—ªŒêŽ«“T@iî•ñE’mŽ¯ imidas •Êû•˜^j^ŽR–{Œdˆê•ÒB@“Œ‹žFW‰pŽÐB
    (Kokusaika shinjidai no gairaigo, ryakugo jiten)
    EAST REF PL684 .K64 1987
  • –¾Ž¡ŠúŠ§s•¨W¬•¶ŠwŒ¾Œê‘–Ú˜^@iJMSTC)@‘S‚Qû^‘ˆî“c‘åŠw}‘ŠÙ•ÒB@“Œ‹žF—Y¼“°o”ŁB
    (Meijiki kankobutsu shusei, bungaku gengo somokuroku )
    EAST REF Z3308.L5 M455 1996


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  • uƒyƒŒƒXƒgƒƒCƒJv‚ð‰z‚¦‚ā@ƒSƒ‹ƒoƒ`ƒ‡ƒt‚ÌŠv–½^‰º“lL•vB@“Œ‹ž : ’©“úV•·ŽÐB
    (Peresutoroika o koete gorubachofu no kakumei))
    EAST DK288.S56 1991
  • íŠÔŠú‚̃AƒWƒA‘¾•½—m’nˆæ@‘ÛŠÖŒW‚Æ‚»‚Ì“WŠJB@“Œ‹žF‘ˆî“c‘åŠwŽÐ‰ï‰ÈŠwŒ¤‹†ŠB.
    (Senkanki no Ajia taiheiyo chiiki kokusai kankei to sono tenkai)
    EAST DS849.E3 S46 1996
  • ‚ª‚¶‚Ü‚é‚̏W‚¢@‰«“êŒnƒnƒƒCˆÚ–¯æ’B‚̘bW^èŒ´vB@ƒzƒmƒ‹ƒ‹F‚ª‚¶‚Ü‚é‰ïB
    (Gajimaru no tsudoi okinawakei Hawai imin sendatsu no washu)
    EAST 624.7.R9 G35 1980 c.3
  • JBIA 40th ‰ñ“]‚ðŽx‚¦‚Ä–¢—ˆ‚ð‘ñ‚­iŽl\”NŽjjB@“Œ‹žF“ú–{ƒxƒAƒŠƒ“ƒOH‹Æ‰ïB
    (JBIA 40th kaiten o sasaete mirai o hiraku)
    EAST HD9705.5.B433 J354 2003
  • “ú–{lŒ¤‹†@No.5 “ú–{l‚̑ΊO‘‘Ô“x^“ú–{lŒ¤‹†‰ï•ÒB@“Œ‹žFŽŠ½“°B
    (Nihonjin kenkyu no.5 nihonjin no tai gaikoku taido)
    EAST HN739.Z9 P85 1977
  • ‚µ‚ñ‚É‚Ù‚ñ‚²‚Ì‚«‚»I@‹³Žt—pŽw“±‘^ŠCŠO‹ZpŽÒŒ¤C‹¦‰ïB@“Œ‹žFƒXƒŠ[ƒG[ƒlƒbƒgƒ[ƒNB
    (Shin nihongo no kiso I kyoshiyo shidosho)
    EAST 539.3.s55 1990 Guide
  • –€“V˜O‚̉º‚©‚ç^‘åX‹vŒõB@“Œ‹žF‰hŒõo”ŁB
    (Matenro no shita kara)
    EAST PL889.U53 O46 1980


  • ƒV[ƒ{ƒ‹ƒgu“ú–{v}˜^‘æˆêŠª•t}B@“Œ‹ž : —Y¼“°o”ŁB
    (Shiboruto nihon zuroku daiikkan fuzu))
    EAST DS806.S5616 1977 Suppl.
  • NPO‚ÆŽs–¯ŽÐ‰ïFƒAƒ\ƒVƒG[ƒVƒ‡ƒ“˜_‚̉”\«^²“¡ŒcKB@“Œ‹žF—L”ãŠtB
    (NPO to shimin shakai asoshieshonron no kanosei)
    EAST HD2769.15.S28 2002
  • “ú–{‚ªŽ©–Å‚·‚é“úFŠ¯§ŒoÏ‘̐§‚ª‘–¯‚Ì‚¨‹à‚ðH‚¢s‚­‚·I^ÎˆähŠîB@“Œ‹žFPHPŒ¤‹†ŠB
    (Nihon ga jimetsu suru hi kansei keizai taisei ga kokumin no okane o kuitsukusu)
    EAST JQ 1631.I834 2002
  • –¯–@ƒKƒCƒhi–¯–@u‹`VIj^–kì‘P‘¾˜YB@“Œ‹žF—L”ãŠtB
    (Minpo gaido)
    EAST KNX500.K57 1995
  • V–¯–@u‹`I@Œ_–ñ–@^Š£ºŽOA’·”öŽ¡••ÒB@“Œ‹žF—L”ãŠtB
    (Shin minpo kogi I keiyakuho)
    EAST KNX858.K45 1988
  • –@Šw“ü–å@–@ŠwE“ú–{‘Œ›–@^‰““¡_A‹v•Û“c‚«‚ÊŽq•ÒB@“Œ‹žF—L”ãŠtB
    (Hogaku nyumon hogaku nihonkoku kenpo)
    EAST KNX2070.H63 1990
  • ‹ß“¡‹¾“ñ˜Y‚̘^‰¹ƒe[ƒv‚Ɉ₳‚ꂽƒƒeƒP‚³‚ñ‚̐_—wiƒAƒCƒkŒê¹—¬•ûŒ¾‚̉¹ºŽ‘—¿1j^“c‘º‚·‚¸Žq•ÒB@“cŽsF‘åãŠw‰@‘åŠwî•ñŠw•”B
    (Kondo Kyojiro no rokuon tepu ni nokosareta Wateke san no shinyo)
    EAST PL495.94.S27 K66 2001
  • ­”–¯‘°Œ¾ŒêŽ‘—¿‚Ì‹L˜^‚Æ•Û‘¶@Š’‘¾ƒAƒCƒkŒê‚ƃjƒ”ƒtŒê^‘ºè‹±Žq•ÒB@“cŽsF‘åãŠw‰@‘åŠwî•ñŠw•”B
    (Shosu minzoku gengo shiryo no kiroku to hozon Karafuto ainugo to nivufugo)
    EAST PL495.95.S35 S57 2001
  • 21¢‹I‚̐}‘ŠÙ‚Ɛ}‘ŠÙˆõi˜_WE}‘ŠÙî•ñŠwŒ¤‹†‚Ì•à‚݁@‘æ20Wj^“ú–{}‘ŠÙî•ñŠw‰ïŒ¤‹†ˆÏˆõ‰ïB@“Œ‹žF“úŠOƒAƒ\ƒVƒG[ƒcŠ”Ž®‰ïŽÐB
    (21seiki no toshokan to toshokanin)
    EAST Z665.A22 2001


  • ƒtƒ‰ƒ“ƒNƒŠƒ“‚̉ʎÀ^ƒA[ƒEƒBƒ“Eƒ†ƒLƒRB@“Œ‹žF•¶åYtHB
    (Furankurin no kajitsu)
    EAST CT1838.I79 A3 1988
  • ˜V‚¢‚ð‘n‚ß‚é^“ú–쌴d–¾B@“Œ‹žF’©“úV•·ŽÐB
    (Oi o hajimeru)
    EAST HV1484.J32 H56 1985
  • ƒWƒFƒ“ƒ_[‚ƍ·•ÊiŠâ”guÀ@“Vc‚Ɖ¤Œ ‚ðl‚¦‚é7j^–Ô–ì‘P•F‘¼•ÒB@“Œ‹žFŠâ”g‘“XB
    (Jenda to sabetsu)
    EAST JC375.I83 2002
  • ŽRŒû‘g‰ó–Å‚¹‚¸@‚³‚ê‚Ƃ킪ŒYŽ–‚½‚¿‚æ^—é–Ø’B–çB@“Œ‹žF“Œ“s‘–[B
    (Yamaguchigumi kaimetsu sezu saredo waga keijitachi yo)
    EAST HV7112.S89 1985


  • •Êû@ˆÀ­‚Q”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚Q“úi¼—ï‚P‚W‚T‚T”N11ŒŽ11“új‚̍]ŒË’nk‚É‚¨‚¯‚é‘å–¼‰Æ‚Ì”íŠQˆê——•\B@“Œ‹žF“Œ‹ž‘åŠwo”ʼnïB
    (Ansei ninen jugatsu futsuka no edo jishin ni okeru daimyoke no higai ichiranhyo)
    EAST QE537.2.J3 U76 2003 Suppl.
  • “Œ–kƒAƒWƒAŒ¤‹†ƒZƒ“ƒ^[‘p‘B@å‘äŽs : “Œ–k‘åŠw“Œ–kƒAƒWƒAŒ¤‹†ƒZƒ“ƒ^|B
    (Tohoku Ajia ni okeru koeki kyoten no hikaku kenkyu)
    EAST HF1600.5.T63 2001
    ‘æ‚Q†@˜I“úŽ«‘E˜I“ú‰ï˜b’ ^ƒjƒRƒ‰ƒCEƒŒƒU[ƒmƒt•Ò’˜A“ú–{”Ł@“c’†Œpª•Ò–óB@
    (Ronichi jisho ronichi kaiwacho)
    EAST PL681.R8 R49 2001
    (Kan chuka no girei to geino chosen o jiku ni)
    EAST PN2860.K36 2001
    (Mongoru kenkyu ronshu Tohoku Daigaku Tohoku Ajia Kenkyu Senta Mongoru kenkyu hokoku)
    EAST DS798.M586 2002
    (Bunka no disupurei tohoku ajia shoshakai ni okeru hakubutsukan, kanko, soshite minzoku bunka no saihen)
    EAST GN36.E37.B86 2003
    ‘æ‚X†@“Œ–k‘åŠwŠ‘ –LŒã²”Œ”ˁuˆÈ˜C”g•ª‘–ځv‚ÌŒ¤‹†^ˆé•”²•ÒB@
    (Tohoku Daigaku shozo Bungo Saeki-han "Irohawake shomoku" no kenkyu)
    EAST Z3302.T635 2003
    (Ko Tsungusu shozoku funbo no hikaku kenkyu)
    EAST DS911.74.Z47 2003
    ‘æ‚P‚Q†@ƒVƒxƒŠƒA—}—¯Ž€–SŽÒ–¼•ë^A.A ƒLƒŠƒ`ƒFƒ“ƒR•ÒWB
    (Shiberia yokuryu shibosha meibo)
    EAST D805.S65 S464 2003
    (Chuo Yurashia ni okeru minzoku bunka to rekishizo)
    EAST DS328.2 .C578 2003
    (Meiji Taishoki ni okeru Negishi-machi Shikian no fukei)
    EAST PL812.A8 Z758 2003
    (Chugoku tohokubu hakutosan no jusseiki kyodai funka to sono rekishiteki koka)
    EAST QE523.P34 C58 2004 @
  • VˆÙ‘‘p‘@‘æIISB“Œ‹žF—Y¼“°o”ŁB
    (Shin ikoku sosho)
    EAST DS809.S53 1982
    (Guretago Nihon tsushoki)
    (Hojison Nagasaki Hakodate taizaki)
    (Herutsu Nihon nenpo)
    (Shuriman Nihon Chugoku ryokoki/ Panperi Nihon tosa kiko)
    (Diasu Kobarubiasu Nihon ryokoki)
    (Gime Tokyo Nikko sansaku/ Regame Nihon sobyo kiko)
  • “Œ¼Œð—¬‘p‘B@“Œ‹žF—Y¼“°o”ŁB
    (Tozai koryu sosho)
    (Kaikoku no shisha Harisu to Hyusuken)
    EAST E415.8.M59 1986
    (Eigaku no so Oregon no Makudonarudo no shogai)@
    EAST F885.1.D93 1989
    7@“¥‚ÝŠGFŠO‘l‚É‚æ‚é“¥‚ÝŠG‚Ì‹L˜^ ^“‡“cF‰EA“‡“c‚ä‚èŽqB
    (Fumie gaikokujin ni yoru fumie no kiroku)
    EAST DS845.S55 1994
    (Porusuburukku Nihon hokoku Oranda ryoji no mita bakumatsu jijo)
    EAST DS849.N4 G72162 1995
    10@ƒA[ƒlƒXƒgEƒTƒgƒE‚̐¶ŠUF‚»‚Ì“ú‹L‚Ǝ莆‚æ‚è^ƒCƒAƒ“ C. ƒ‰ƒbƒNƒXƒgƒ“B@
    (Anesuto Sato no shogai sono nikki to tegami yori)
    EAST DA565.S334 A316 2003
  • •ÉŠá“ú–{–¯‘°}ŠG^‹g‘º‘P‘¾˜Y•Ò’˜B@“Œ‹žF—Y¼“°o”ŁB
    (Hekigan minzoku zue)
    EAST DS822.2.H455 1987
  • ‘–¯«‚ÌŒ¤‹†‘æ11ŽŸ‘S‘’²¸ : 2003”N‘S‘’²¸i“Œv”—Œ¤‹†ŠŒ¤‹†ƒŠƒ|[ƒg92jB@“Œ‹žF“Œv”—Œ¤‹†ŠB
    (Kokuminsei no kenkyu dai 11-ji zenkoku chosa : 2003-nen zenkoku chosa)
    EAST DS830.K617 2004
  • uÀ‘Û­Ž¡4@“ú–{‚ÌŠOŒð^—L‰ê’呼•ÒB@“Œ‹žF“Œ‹ž‘åŠwo”ʼnïB
    (Koza kokusai seiji 4 Nihon no gaiko)
    EAST 890.3.N53 1989
  • ƒJƒ“ƒ{ƒWƒAVŽž‘ãiŒ¤‹†‘o‘539j^“Vì’¼Žq•ÒB@ç—tŽsFƒAƒWƒAŒoÏŒ¤‹†ŠB
    (Kanbojia shinjidai)
    EAST HC442.K36 2004
  • “ú–{‚̐íŒãŠé‹Æ‰»ŽjF”½œ‚ÌŒn•ˆ^²X–Ø‘•ÒB@“Œ‹žF—L”ãŠt
    (Nihon no sengo kigyokashi hankotsu no keifu)
    EAST HC461.5.A2 N445 2001
  • ’©‘Nl‹­§˜As’²¸‚Ì‹L˜^^’©‘Nl‹­§˜As^‘Š’²¸’c•Ò’˜B@“Œ‹žF”‘–[B
    (Chosenjin kyosei renko chosa no kiroku)
    Žl‘•Ò (Shikokuhen)
    EAST HD8728.5.K6 C4633 1992
    ‘åã•Ò (Osakahen)
    EAST HD8728.5.K6 C4634 1993
    •ºŒÉ•Ò (Hyogohen)
    EAST HD8728.5.K6 C4635 1993
    ’†‘•Ò (Chugokuhen)
    EAST HD8728.5.K6 C4637 2001
    ŠÖ“Œ•Ò1i_“ސìEç—tEŽR—œj (Kantohen 1)
    EAST HD8728.5.K6 C4638 2002
  • “ú‰p‘ΏƏ—«ŠwƒuƒbƒNƒKƒCƒh A Women's Studies Bibliography ‘S2Šª^‰¡•lŽs—«‹¦‰ïŠÄCAƒ‰ƒ“ƒJƒXƒ^[‘åŠw—«ŠwŒ¤‹†ƒZƒ“ƒ^[ •ÒB@“Œ‹žFŽOCŽÐB
    (Nichiei taisho joseigaku bukkugaido)
    EAST HQ1121.N53 1995 v.1-2
  • l–¯’†‘‚̐¬—§‘OŽj^“n•Ó—´ôB@“Œ‹žF—Y¼“°o”ŁB
    (Jinmin Chugoku no seiritsu zenshi)
    EAST JQ1508.W34 1984
  • A–¯’n‚Ö‚ÌŠé‹ÆioF’©‘N‰ïŽÐ—ß‚Ì•ªÍiƒ{ƒ‰ƒ“ƒeƒBƒA‘p‘32j^¬—щp•v•ÒB@“Œ‹žF”‘–[B
    (Shokuminchi e no kigyo shinshutsu Chosen kaisharei no bunseki)
    EAST KNX1040.S56 1994
  • ¶’a100”N‹L”O“W’·’JìŒ‰‚̐¢ŠE Kiyoshi Hasegawa: 1891-1980^‰¡•l”üpŠÙ•ÒB@“Œ‹žF’©“úV•·ŽÐB
    (Seitan hyakunen kinenten Hasegawa Kiyoshi no sekai)
    EAST NE773.H37 A4 1991
  • ‰pŠw‚Æ–x’B”V•^–xF•FB@“Œ‹žF—Y¼“°o”ŁB
    (Eigaku to Hori Tatsunosuke)
    EAST PE68.J3 H67 2001
  • ‰—ˆ•¨‚̐¬—§‚Æ“WŠJ^Îì¼‘¾˜YB@“Œ‹žF—Y¼“°o”ŁB
    (Oraimono no seiritsu to tenkai)
    EAST PL649.I85 1988
  • ˆâeW˜A½F‹ß‘㕶Šw‘¤–ÊŽ^g–ì•q˜YB@“Œ‹žF—Y¼“°o”ŁB
    (Ikoshu rensa kindai bungaku sokumenshi)
    EAST PL726.6.K73 2002
  • ‹ž‚Ì‚©‚ç‚©‚݂Ɛç‘㎆^‹v•ÄN¶B@“Œ‹žF—Y¼“°o”ŁB
    (Kyo no karakami to chiyogami)
    EAST TS1130.K858 1986
  • ‘åŠw}‘ŠÙ‚Ì—˜_‚ÆŽÀ‘H^“ú–{Ž„—§‘åŠw‹¦‰ï‘åŠw}‘ŠÙŒ¤CˆÏˆõ‰ï•ÒB@“Œ‹žF—Y¼“°o”ŁB
    (Daigaku toshokan no riron to jissen)
    EAST Z675.U5 D2815 1990

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