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"Treasures of Okinawa: Frank Hawley Collection "

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Exhibit Contents

bettelheim takuhon bettelheim scrolled

Hakutokurei Kinento Takuhon
(Rubbing of Monument to Bettelheim)


Hanging scroll; ink

Frame size: 219.5cm X 128cm
Rubbing size: 175cm X 93.5cm
Roller stick size: 150cm X 10cm (diameter)



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Bernard J. Bettelheim worked in Okinawa from 1846 to 1854 as a missionary, doctor, translator of the Bible, and interpreter to Commodore Perry. In 1926, the Monument for Bettelheim was erected at Gokokuji, where he lived for eight years. The monument was destroyed during World War II.

According to the Japan Advertiser, the monument was 14 feet high. It included 10 stones, which were sent by the countries in which Bettelheim worked during his life. In the language of each country was inscribed the country's name, and at the top was a stone containing a verse from his Ryukyuan translation of the Gospel of St. John.

This rubbing provides a rare physical representation of a structure that can no longer be directly studied.


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