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"Treasures of Okinawa: Frank Hawley Collection "

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Gozen Honzo (or Gyozen Honzo) Nakagusuku-bon
(Edible Plants of Ryukyu)


The original written by Tokashiki, Pechin, Tsukan (1794-1849)

Manuscript; ink on washi
20.5 cm X 28.0 cm, 138 leaves, 2 book seals

*The book used to belong to the Lord of Nakagusuku.

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"The Gozen Honzo explains the types and uses of edible plants and animals, including grains, fruits, vegetables, melons, fungi, seaweeds, fowl, wild game, domesticated and wild animals, fishes, shellfish and other marine creatures. A number of sections describe methods of preparing foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages, sauces, etc....." (description paraphrased from work of Shunzo Sakamaki in Ryukyu: a bibliographical guide to Okinawan studies.Z3307.R9.S3)

Two editions of the "Gozen Honzo" are in the Hawley Collection. This book belonged to the Lord of Nakagusuku (Nakagusuku odon) and the other was owned at one time by Mosei Sueyoshi. Scholars distinguish these two as "Nakagusuku bon" and "Mosei bon." They were hand copied from the original but these two are not exactly the same when you examine both.

Hand written copies of manuscripts have been created over the years by various authors. Often during this process, additional, inaccurate, and revamped text was inserted. In some cases text was even deleted entirely. Scholars research and attempt to reconcile different copies of manuscripts, which tend to be scattered around the world because the original no longer exists. Having two editions at the same location will be of great value to scholars.

For a reprint with an interpretation of Gozen Honzo, Yokoyama, Managu "Ryukyukoku Shokuryo sho" in Seikatsu bunka kenkyujo nenpo vols 1 & 2, 1987, Notre Dame Seishin Joshi Daigaku. 横山学著「琉球国食療書 御膳本草」生活文化研究所年報。第1巻および2巻。ノートルダム清心女子大学。


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