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Textbooks by Hawai Kyoikukai

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About Textbooks Compiled by the Hawai Kyoikukai

November 1912: Maui-to Kyoikukai discussed uniting all the major Japanese educational associations in Hawaii.

May 1914
: Maui-to Kyoikukai sent out the invitations to Honolulu Kyoikukai (ホノルル教育会), Oahu Kyoikukai, Kauai Kyoikukai, Hawai-to Kyoikukai, Hawai-to Kyoiku Kenkyukai, Kau Kyoikukai and Kona Kyoikukai. All the educational associations agreed to the proposal.

July 1914
: The representatives of each educational association gathered at Hawai Chuo Gakuin (布哇中央学院) in Honolulu

February 1916
: The inaugural ceremony of “Hawai Kyoikukai” was held. It was decided that Honolulu Kyoikukai would be in charge of compiling textbooks.

: Enactments of Gaikokugo Gakko Torishimari-ho (Foreign Language School Prohibition Law) in 1920 (For additional information please refer to links), and Gakunen Tanshuku Kitei (School-year Reduction Law) in 1922, divided the Japanese language schools into those who wished to contest the law and those who did not. Hawai Kyoikukai lost its function and was in danger of dissolving.

: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Gaikokugo Gakko Torishimari-ho as unconstitutional and Hawai Kyoikukai started to function again. Honolulu Kyoikukai transferred the copyright of the textbooks to Hawaii Kyoikukai.

To access materials in the Japanese Language School Textbooks Collection at site, please read the Access Policy and make an appointment in advance. (Access Policy Japanese version)

Sample Textbook Cover Pages

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Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1962 - 1963
Churoku (T47-60)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1961
Vol. 11-12(T61- 62)
Shushinsho, Kyoshiyo
(修身書 教師用)
Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1932
Vol. 1-6 (T63-78)

Shushinsho, Chutokayo
(修身書 中等科用)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1933 - 1940
Vol. 1-4 (T113-124)
Shushin Shido Sankosho

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1953 (T125-126)

Yama to Kumo Tokuhon 2
(やまとくも とくほん二)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1949 - 1953
(T137-138, 413-416)
Saru to Kani Tokuhon 3
(さるとかに とくほん三)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1949 - 1954 (T139-152)

Hana to Kotori Tokuhon 4
(花とことり とくほん四)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1949 - 1954 (T153-162)
Niji to Kodomo Tokuhon 5
(にじと子ども とくほん五)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1950 - 1955 (T163-169)

Mitsubachi Tokuhon 6
(みつばち とくほん六)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1950 - 1957 (T170-185)
Nakayoshi Kotori Tokuhon 7
(なかよし小鳥 とくほん七)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1950 - 1957 (T186-194)
Kodomo to Ryokansan Tokuhon 8
(子どもと良寛さん とくほん八)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1950 - 1953 (T195-206)
Karyudo to Kuma Tokuhon 9
(かりゅうどとくま とくほん九)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1951 - 1954 (T207-213)
Haha no Kao Tokuhon 10
(母の顔 とくほん十)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1951 - 1955 (T214-224)
Utsukushii Tomodachi Tokuhon 11
(美しい友だち 読本十一)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1951 - 1957 (T225, 227-231)
Haha o Tazunete Tokuhon 12
(母をたずねて 読本十二)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1951 - 1957 (T232-259)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1956 - 1960
Vol. 1-2, 9-10 (T270-277)
Yoi Kodomo

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1956 - 1957
Vol. 3, 5 (T305-308)
Chuto Nihongo

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1952 - 1954
Vol. 1-4, 6 (T316-329)
Shushinsho Sanko, Chutokayo
(修身書参考 中等科用)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1933 - 1935
Vol. 1-4 (T343-352)

Nihongo Tokuhon, Chutokayo
(日本語讀本 中等科用)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1939 - 1941
Vol. 1-4 (T357-371)

Pen Kakikata Renshucho, Chutokayo
(ペン書方練習帖 中等科用)

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1940
Vol. 2 (T386)

Ichinensei no Kaiwa (Kyoshiyo)
(一年生の会話 (教師用))

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1954 (T475-477)
Nihongo Tokuhon

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1929 - 1940
Vol. 1-12 (T541-643)

Hawai Kyoikukai
Year : 1932 - 1940
Vol. 1-6 (T79-112)
Enpitsu Kakikata Renshucho

Hawai Kyoikukai (ハワイ教育会)
Year : 1939 - 1941
Kanichi Zenki/Koki Daiichi Gakunen
Kanni Zenki/Koki Daini Gakunen
Kansan Zenki/Koki Daisan Gakunen
Kanyon Zenki/Koki Daiyon Gakunen

Kango Koki Daigo Gakunen
Kanroku Koki Dairoku Gakunen
Chutokayo Kansan Daisan Gakunen
Chutokayo Kanyon Daiyon Gakunen (T387-398)


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