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Takie Okumura's Magic Lantern Slides Exhibit

On this page: About Takie Okumura's Magic Lantern Slides Exhibit | Images of the Exhibit

About Takie Okumura's Magic Lantern Slides Exhibit (q“Wɂ‚)

Over a century ago, magic lantern technology was a new visual medium that fascinated the young and old and stimulated their interests and imaginations. New digital technology has resurrected these century-old images so that they may provoke our curiosity about the past.

Hamilton Library's magic lantern slides have been well preserved and secured by the Preservation Department for many years. The first survey was documented in 1996 by a graduate student as part of a cataloging project. With the help of Dr. John Stephan, a professor in history, the subject matters were partially identified at that time. Although it was clear that the slides came from "Asia, most likely from Japan," the origin and background of the nearly 1,000 lantern slides remained a mystery. The glass slides were then secured in the Library's Special Collection until a new Japan Specialist Librarian was appointed in 1999. As part of research on the history of the UHM Japan Collection, records were discovered in the UH Archives & Manuscripts in 2007, which finally shed light on their origin.

The digitized images show for the first time in years the detailed information on slides. The fact that the slides were made and collected by a prominent figure in Hawaii history make them worthy of further study.

This exhibit was held from September 1 to December 31 of 2009 and was made possible because of the help provided by the following people:

Teri Leigh Skillman-Kashyap, Events Planner for the UH Libraries
Hector Agustin, Art Designer
Camryn Bonaficio, Art Designer

Lynn Davis, Preservation Department
Phyllis Wilhoite-Nakasone, Preservation Department

Lantern Slides Digital Project team
Kyle Sasaoka & Quillon Arkenstone, UHM students
Tomoko Mochihara & Eriko Drick, UHM alumna

Rev. Saku Kuroda, Makiki Christian Church
Professor Fusa Nakagawa, Okumura Takie Association, Kochi, Japan. Author of "From Tosa to Hawaii: the footsteps of Takie Okumura"

Special appreciation goes to Lynn Davis and Bron Solyom, who inspired the research.

Tokiko Y. Bazzell, Japan Specialist Librarian
Exhibit Curator

To access materials in the Takie Okumura's Magic Lantern Slides Collection at site, please read the Access Policy and make an appointment in advance. (Access Policy Japanese version)

Images of the Exhibit (W̎ʐ^)

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To view images of Takie Okumura's magic lantern slides, visit Magic Lantern Slides Collection page.

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