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Collection Overview

The Satsuma Collection is closely related to the Sakamaki/Hawley Collection. During the Tokugawa Edo period, the Satsuma domain ruled Ryukyu. Dr. Sakamaki believed that the research on Ryukyu would be greatly enhanced by building up the holdings on Satsuma. Also UH Professor and historian, Dr. Robert Sakai, significantly contributed to the building of the holdings in the collection.

The Satsuma Collection consists of nealy 800 photo copies and late Professor of Kagoshima University, Haraguchi Torao's ՗Y (1914-1986) manuscrips of primary source materials on Satsuma/Shimazu domain. Prof. Haragushi's collections so called "Dokosanbo (ՎR[)" were donated to the Amami Museum in 2006.

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To access materials in the Satsuma Collection at site, please read the Access Policy and make an appointment in advance. (Access Policy Japanese version)


Satsuma Domain: Japanese Research Resources. Complied by Masato Matsui, Mitsugu Sakihara and Tetsuo Umeki. Honolulu: UH Center for Asia and pacific Studies/Council for Japanese Studies, 1986. 246p. REF DS894.99.K335 M37 1986

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