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About the Collection

The Oliver Statler Collection is the accumulated materials that were the basis for the scholarly writings of Oliver Statler, most notably, Japanese Inn, Japanese Pilgrimage, and Shimoda Story. The collection consists of materials that also provide insights into his personal and professional relationships, including correspondence, research notes, manuscripts, source materials, brochures, clippings, postcards, maps, art prints, photographs, slides, films, audiotapes and more.

The Statler Collection was donated to Hamilton Library in two increments. The first increment was received in February 1999 and consisted of manuscript boxes 1- 20 along with many of his books. The second increment arrived in May 2002 after Statlerfs death and consisted of personal and manuscript papers in boxes 21- 62. An additional 109 boxes of books were also included as part of the second increment.

The archival papers are organized in five categories: (1) Personal; (2) Correspondence, (3) Literary works, (4) Art prints, and (5) Audiovisual materials (see Collection Organization). The books were integrated into the East Collection (Japanese language), Asia Collection (Western language including English), and East or Asia Closed shelves. All the books bear Statlerfs unique bookplates and can be searched by keyword (gstatler and gifth) on the Hawaii Voyager Online Catalog. (The lists of the gift books can be viewed from here.)

The acceptance and processing of the Statler Collection was made possible through the generosity and kindness of many individuals and organizations. Dr. Sharon Minichiello (UHM Dept of History, then Director of the Center for Japanese Studies) spent much time and energy bringing the collection to the University of Hawaii. Mr. John Haak (former University Librarian) supported the deposit of the collection at Hamilton Library, and Ms. Bronwen Solyom (former Library Development Officer) coordinated the transfer of the collection (See Ms. Solyom's recollection). Dr. Michael Cooper (affiliate professor with CJS and former editor with Monumenta Nipponica) has been a valuable consultant on the scholarly content of the collection (see Dr. Cooper's recollection).

ceremony ceremony

At the signing ceremony of Deed of Gift in 1999. Left: (from left to right) Lynette Wageman, former Head of UHM Library Asia Collection, Statler, Bronwen Solyom, Dr. Gay Satsuma, Associate Director of CJS, Dr. Sharon Minichiello, and John Haak. Right: Oliver Statler signing Deed of Gift.

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Financial Support

brandonFinancial support from many individuals made it possible to process and manage the Statler Collection. After Statler's death, Dr. James Brandon (UHM Dept of Dance and Theatre, a trustee for Oliver Statler, see Dr. Brandon's personal recollection) led fundraising and initiated the Oliver Statler Papers Fund with the UH Foundation. We gratefully acknowledge the following donors:

Anonymous Donor (Misc.), Alexandra Armstrong, CFP, Dr. James R. Brandon, Ms. Frances Bushell, Mr. Dudley Carlson, Ms. Nina Reppun Carney, Dr. Michael J. Cooper, The Freeman Foundation, Mrs. Marilyn J. Gagen, Dr. Rhoda E. A. Hackler, Ms. Margaret K. Johnson, Ms. Amy S. Katoh, Mr. Jerry J. McCoy, Mrs. Toyoko U. McGovern, Ms. Laurie Meech, Mr. Darin K. Mijo, Dr. Edward J. Quinlan, Jr., Ms. Patricia A. Salmon, Ms. Gayle S. Tasaka, Ms. Molly G. Tubbs

There are additional financial needs and we would greatly appreciate the public's continued support to digitize the Oliver Statler Collection.
If you can assist, please contact or send your contributions to:

The University of Hawaii Foundation, Oliver Statler Papers Fund (project #123-8940-4)
University of Hawaiei Foundation
P.O. Box 11270
Honolulu, HI 96828-0270

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Staff at the UHM Library Asia Collection

bazzellThe Oliver Statler Collection wass managed by Tokiko Y. Bazzell, Japan Studies Librarian, and by staff at the UHM Library Asia Collection Department until the Collection was relocated to the UHM Archives & Manuscripts Department.. Now the Collection is accessible through the UHM Archives & Manuscripts' Policies & Procecures.

In September 2003, Ms. Patricia Ogburn, certified archivist, was hired to organize the collection. In early December 2003, Ms. Rena Nishikawa, a student assistant with Japanese language skills, was hired to assist in arranging and transliterating Japanese language materials. Ms. Ogburn worked closely with Ms. Lynn Davis, Head of the UHM Library Preservation Department, to properly preserve the collection materials (See Ms. Ogburn's recollection). The archival process was completed in July 2004, however, Ms Ogburn kindly provides her professional expertise when questions arise and her dedication is greatly appreciated.

Reviewing and processing the more than 100 boxes of books was completed in July 2006 with help from Dr. Yoko Kurokawa. Without Dr. Kurokawa's 300 hours of volunteer work, it would have been extremely difficult to process this great number of books. Through the combined efforts of many individuals, the Oliver Statler Collection is now available and it offers a wealth of primary and secondary materials.

ogburn and nishikawakurokawa

(From left to right) Patricia Ogburn, Rena Nishikawa, and Dr. Yoko Kurokawa.

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About the Website

kudoThe Oliver Statler Papers Fund afforded the opportunity to hire a web designer after the completion of the archival processing in July 2004. However, in October 2004, Hamilton Library suffered catastrophic damage from a disaster referred to as the "Halloween Eve Flash Flood of 2004." Although the disaster delayed the web project for more than one year, Ms. Yoko Kudo, UHM LIS program graduate, joined the project as a web designer in February 2006. Her dedicated work has resulted in this Oliver Statler Collection Website. The Website provides many aspects of the Collection: Statler's biographical sketches; bibliographies; personal essays from Statler's friends; digital resources; and finding aids to help access the collection. Visitors to the website can get a sense of the wealth of information in the Oliver Statler Collection and we hope that many researchers will visit the UH Hamilton Library to uncover his life and works.

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