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Series IV. Art Prints

portraitSize: 12 linear feet
This series consists of print description cards, artistsf greeting cards and original art prints. The print description cards are a comprehensive collection of Japanese woodblock prints. (Card Boxes 1-5). Each 5hx8h card has a small photograph of the artwork, the name of the artist, the name and dimensions of the print and its location. Provenance was strictly maintained when removing the cards from the wooden file boxes Statler had them in. They were transferred into acid free archival storage boxes. Statlerfs filing system is not too clear. In the front of each series of numbers is an index card which lists the artists and prints. There also appears to be a master list which is stored near the boxes. There are also other lists in gAppraisalsh and gCorrespondenceh referring to gStatler print numbersh. At the end of Card Box 5, there are a number of unidentified prints with separate numbering system. Ansei Uchima and Kiyoshi Saito are just two of the artists whose works are represented.

The artistsf greeting cards are original prints either sent to or collected by Statler. (Card Boxes 6-7).

The original art prints require further description. There are some sketches by Miriam Korn, Okuyama, Ansei Uchima and others yet unidentified. Most of these items are stored in Oversize Box 2 and in the Library vault. (see Box Inventory List)

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Series V. Audiovisual

Size: 14.5 linear feet
The photographs consist of separate photo albums, negatives, transparencies and slides. But the ubiquitous photographs are scattered throughout all series in the collection. This series represents only a portion of them. They are a rich resource supporting all aspects of Statler personal life and professional research. Photographs received as an enclosure with correspondence or other documents were retained with the letter or item. They might be found in Biography, Correspondence, Literary works, or Art print series. For example, photographs of pilgrimage trips are with Japanese Pilgrimage under sub-subseries Photographs. The items in this series are grouped in the manner Statler had them. Photographs were removed from the film developing envelopes with the negatives and refilled in boxes. The slides for lectures were retained in the Kodak Carousels as he had them.

Many unidentified negatives and transparencies were grouped together in boxes by format. Provenance was maintained as much as possible. Many of the other audiovisual items appear to be the same material recorded in different formats. Proper reviewing of the tapes should reveal a more accurate description of the contents. The videotapes are VHS, BETACAM, and U-Matic cassettes. There are also 16 mm and 8mm films along with cassette and reel-to-reel audiotapes. The contents were not verified on any tape. They were described as labeled and the format noted in the finding aid.

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