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 Bibliographies, Catalogs, Databases & Indexes

Extended to January 31, 2009 : Free Trial Service for E-Article!

NOTE: As with most Korean sites, this one works best with Internet Explorer

  • E-Article (Licensed for free trial to UH Manoa Use Only)
      E-Article is a new full-text database of Korean academic journals including nearly 500 titles, predominantly from the fields of the humanities and social sciences.

  • Hawaii Voyager Library Catalog
  • RISS: KERIS 학술연구정보서비스, 한국교육학술정보원 (Korea Education & Research Information Service)
  • WorldCat (Licensed for UH Manoa Use Only)
      combined database of books, web resources, and other materials held by libraries worldwide
  • Electronic Resources at UH Manoa
      search for materials in databases via UH, the majority licensed for UH Manoa use only
  • DBpia (Licensed for UH Manoa Use Only)
      full-text articles from about 800 scholarly journals published in Korea
  • KISS: Knowledge Information Service System (Licensed for UH Manoa Use Only)
      full-text articles in about 6,000 scholarly journals published by 1,200 Korean academic societies and research centers/institutions
  • Kdatabase: 한국학전자도서관 (Licensed for UH Manoa Use Only)
      full-text resources for Korean contemporary history, including archival materials, scholarly works, an encyclopedia of North Korea, and a biographical dictionary of North Korea.
  • KoreaA2Z (Licensed for UH Manoa Use Only)
      full-text database of primary sources, reference resources, classical literature, magazines, and other books in Korean language
  • KRpia: 한국학데이터베이스 (Licensed for UH Manoa Use Only)
      full-text from various dictionaries and encyclopedias, classical and modern literature, primary sources, etc. in Korean language
  • 국가지식포털 (Korea Knowledge Portal)
    • 문화관광부 문화포털 - 한국역사정보통합시스템 - 정부출연연구기관 지식정보검색시스템 - 과학기술통합검색 - 과학기술종합정보시스템 - 학술연구정보서비스(RISS) - 건설교통전자정보관
  • 국가전자도서관 (National Digital Library)
    • an online catalog bringing together the collections of the National Central Library of Korea (국립중앙도서관), National Assembly Library (국회도서관), National Law Library (법원도서관), Science Library of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (한국과학기술원 과학도서관), Korea Insitute of Science and Technology (한국과학기술정보연구원), Korea Education and Research Information Service (한국교육학술정보원), Agricultural Science Library of the Korea Development Administration (농촌진흥청 농업과학도서관)

  • Basic Reference Tools on Korea Now Updated for 2007! (PDF file)
      list of selected reference sources on Korea published since 1989 and held at the Asia Collection of the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library
  • Bibliography of Asian Studies, The Association for Asian Studies (Licensed for UH Manoa Use Only)
  • Index Translationum, UNESCO
      an international bibliography of translations
  • Korean Bibliography, Library of Congress
      a searchable bibliography of approximately 4,800 records of books about Korea in English up to 1995 held by the Library of Congress
  • Korean History: A Bibliography by Ken Robinson
      updating of and a supplement to the annotated bibliography Studies on Korea, a Scholar's Guide (University Press of Hawaii, 1980)
  • KUBIB: Korea Unesco Bibliographic DB (유네스코 한국위원회 도서검색 시스템)
      online database of materials accumulated since KNCU's establishment in 1954, mainly in the fields of Education, Culture, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Communication from UNESCO Headquarters, KNCU, UN Systems and other international organizations; many fulltext

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 Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

  • EncyKorea: 한국민족문화대백과사전 (Licensed for UH Manoa Use Only)
      online version (updated and revised) of the Han'guk Minjok Munhwa Tae Paekkwa Sajon by the Academy of Korean Studies (한국학중앙연구원, formerly 한국정신문화연구소)
  • Encyclopedia Britannica Online (Licensed for UH Manoa Use Only)
  • Glossary of Korean Studies: 한국학 영문 용어 용례사전
      Comprehensive glossary of Korean social, cultural, political terminology with English translations and explanatory text
  • NAVER 사전
      백과사전, 영어사전, 영영사전, 국어사전, 한자사전, 일어사전, 중국어사전, 용어사전
  • YAHOO! Korea 사전
      digital reference combining an English-Korean dictionary 영어사전, encyclopedia 백과사전, Korean-Korean dictionary 국어사전, dictionary of economic terms 경제용어사전, Korean Wikipedia 위키사전, and Chinese character dictionary
  • CJKV-English Dictionary by Charles Muller
      a database of CJK characters and compounds related to East Asian cultural, political, and intellectual history
  • Dictionary of Korean Music 국악사전 by National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts
      online dictionary of Korean traditional musical terminology
  • IT 용어사전, MetaDB, 한국데이터베이스진흥센터(KDPC)
  • 온라인 영어학습사전 by Kabsik Park

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