Basic Reference Tools on Korea



The reference tools included in this list are based mainly on ones held at the Korea Collection of the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM), which now contains about 1,100 reference titles. It may not cover all the basic reference tools available. Suggestions for inclusion of other titles by the users of this list are expected to make it more useful.


Titles published before 1989 are excluded, since Eugene Hyung-suk Chai’s An Annotated Bibliography of Korean Reference Books covered them. Chai’s Bibliography is an excellent and very useful compilation of reference materials on Korea. I recommend that every Korea collection should have a copy. This “Basic Reference Tools on Korea” includs some serial titles, even though they are covered in Chai’s work, if they are still being published and belong to the ‘basic’ category.


·         References in this list are organized by the types of reference tools and/or by the disciplinary subjects. Under each type and subject, references are sometimes grouped together when they represent similar types or subject matter.

·         When there is no English title available for a reference written in Korean language, the title in Chinese characters in brackets is provided.

·         Travel Guidebooks are not included. They are easily identifiable (Fodor’s; the lonely planet travel survival kits, etc.). Many travel guides are also available on the web.

·         References without publication years are serial publications.



Bibliographies of Reference Sources


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Tonga Yŏn'gam = Dong-A Yearbook. Seoul: Tonga Ilbosa. (with supplement Han'guk, Oeguk Inmyŏngnok [韓國外國人名錄])

Yŏnhap Yŏn'gam = Yonhap Yearbook. Seoul: Yŏnhap Nyusŭ. (with supplement Han'guk Inmyŏng Sajŏn [韓國人名辭典])

Munye Yŏn'gam = Culture and Artistic Yearbook. Seoul: Han'guk Munhwa Yesul Chinhŭngwŏn.


Local yearbooks are available, for example, Kyŏnggi Yŏn'gam [京畿年鑑], Kangwŏn Yŏn'gam [江原年鑑], Halla Yŏn'gam [拏年], etc.


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T`onggye Chŏngbo Sojae Annae [統計情報所在案內]. Seoul: T`onggyech`ŏng.

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Han'guk T`onggye Yŏn'gam = Korea Statistical Yearbook. Seoul: Kyŏngje Kihoegwŏn. (also on CD-ROM)

Statistical Handbook of Korea. Seoul: National Bureau of Statistics, Economic Planning Board.


Chŏn'guk T`onggye Yŏn'gam [全國統計年鑑]. Seoul: Sin'gwan Ch`ulp`ansa. (also on CD-ROM)


Local statistical yearbooks are available, for example, Ch`ungnam T`onggye Yŏnbo [忠南統計年報]; Cheju T`onggye Yŏnbo [濟州統計年報]; Chŏnbuk T`onggye Yŏnbo [全北統計年報]; Kangwŏn T`onggye Yŏnbo [江原統計年報]; Pusan T`onggye Yŏnbo [釜山統計年報]; Sŏul T`onggye Yŏnbo [서울統計年報]; Kwangju T`onggye Yŏnbo [光州統計年報]; etc.


Han'guk Tosi Yŏn'gam = Municipal Yearbook of Korea. Seoul: Haengjŏng Chach`ibu.

Tosi Pigyo T`onggye = Comparative Statistics of Major Cities. Seoul: Sŏul T`ukpyŏlsi.


Nam-Pukhan Kyŏngje Sahoesang Pigyo [南北韓經濟社會相比較]. Seoul: T`onggyech`ŏng.


1995 Population and Housing Census Report. Seoul: National Statistical Office, 1997. (also on CD-ROM)

In'gu Idong T`onggye Yŏnbo = Annual Report on the Internal Migration Statistics (Derived from Resident Registration). Seoul: T`onggyech`ŏng.

In'gu Tongt`ae T`onggye Yŏnbo = Annual Report on the Vital Statistics (Based on Vital Registration). Seoul: T`onggyech`ŏng.

Samang Wŏnin T`onggye Yŏnbo = Annual Report on the Cause of Death Statistics (Based on Vital Registration). Seoul: T`onggyech`ŏng.


Chonghap Mulka Ch`ongnam: T`onggye ro Pon Mulka 25-yŏnsa (1970-1995) : Chonghap Mulka Chŏngbo, Ch`anggan 25-chunyŏn, Kinyŏm Palgan [綜合物價總攬: 統計로 物價 25年史]. Seoul: Han'guk Mulka Chŏngbo, 1995. 463 p.

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Arts & Culture


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Business & Economy


Han'guk P`yojun Sanŏp Pullyu = Korean Standard Industrial Classification. Seoul: T`onggyech`ŏng.


Doing Business in the Republic of Korea. New York: Price Waterhouse Center for Transnational Taxation, 1996.


Kyŏngje Paeksŏ [經濟白書]. Seoul: Chaejŏng Kyŏngjebu.


<Annual Reports>


Han'guk Kiŏp Ch`ongnam = Annual Report of Korean Companies. Seoul: Han'guk Sinyong P`yŏngka Chusik Hoesa.

Hoesa Yŏn'gam = Annual Corporation Reports. Seoul: Maeil Kyŏngje Sinmunsa. (also on CD-ROM)

Korea Company Yearbook. Seoul: Asia-Pacific Infoserv Inc. (also on CD-ROM)

Korea Company Handbook: Investment Guide. Seoul: Asia Pacific Infoserv, Inc.




Chŏn'guk Kiŏpch`e Ch`ongnam [全國企業體總攬]. Seoul: Taehan Sanggong Hoeŭiso.

Korean Business Directory. Seoul: Chamber of Commerce of Korea. (also on CD-ROM)

Foreign Business Contacts in Korea = Chuhan Oeguk Kiŏp Ch`ongnam. Seoul: Korea Data Bank.




Kyŏngje T`onggye Yŏnbo  = Economic Statistics Yearbook. Seoul: Han'guk Ŭnhaeng.

Han'guk Chuyo Kyŏngje Chip`yo = Major Statistics on Korean Economy. Seoul: T`onggyech`ŏng.


Chŏngbo T`ongsin T`ongye Yŏnbo = Statistical Yearbook of Information and Communication. Seoul: Chŏngbo T`ongsinbu.

Chŏn'gi T`ongsin T`onggye Yŏnbo = Statistical Yearbook of Telecommunications. Seoul: Han'guk T`ongsin.

Chŭngkwŏn T`onggye Yŏnbo = Securities Statistics Yearbook. Seoul: Han'guk Chŭngkwŏn Kŏraeso.

Han'guk ŭi Sobi Saenghwal Chip`yo = Consumption Life Indicators in Korea. Seoul: Han'guk Sobija Pohowŏn. (triennial)

Kŏnsŏl Kyot`ong T`onggye Yŏnbo = Statistical Yearbook of Construction & Transportation: Kŏnsŏl Pumun [建設部門]. Seoul: Kŏnsŏl Kyot`ongbu.

Kŏnsŏl Kyot`ong T`onggye Yŏnbo = Statistical Yearbook of Construction & Transportation: Kyot`ong Pumun [交通部門]. Seoul: Kŏnsŏl Kyot`ongbu.

Kukse T`onggye Yŏnbo = Statistical Yearbook of National Tax. Seoul: Kuksech`ong.

Kwanggongŏp T`onggye Chosa Pogosŏ = Report on Mining and Manufacturing Survey. Seoul: T`onggyech`ŏng.

Mulka Yŏnbo = Annual Report on the Price Survey. Seoul: T`onggyech`ŏng.

Nongnim T`onggye Yŏnbo = Yearbook of Agriculture and Forestry Statistics. Seoul: Nongnimbu.

Pohŏm T`onggye Yŏn'gam = Insurance Statistics Yearbook. Seoul: Pohŏm Kamdogwŏn.

Sŏbisŭ-ŏp T`onggye Chosa Pogosŏ = Annual Report on the Survey of Services. Seoul: T`onggyech`ŏng.




Han'guk Kyŏngje Yŏn'gam = Korean Economic Yearbook. Seoul: Chŏn'guk Kyŏngjein Yŏnhaphoe. (with supplement Han'guk Chaegye Insarok [韓國財界人士錄]


Chŏngbo T`ongsin Yŏn'gam [情報通信年鑑]. Seoul: Chŏnja Sinmunsa.

Han'guk Chŏnja Yŏn'gam [韓國電子年鑑]. Seoul: Chŏnja Sinmunsa.

Han'guk Chose Yŏn'gam [韓國租稅年鑑]. Seoul: Han'guk Chose Yŏn'gam Palganhoe.




Han'guk Sanŏp Ŭnhaeng. Chaemu Punsŏk = Analysis of Financial Data. Seoul: Han'guk Sanŏp Ŭnhaeng.

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Last updated February 16, 2005