Okinawa Karate Resources from the Hawaii Karate Museum Collection

Period: 07/01/09 - 09/30/09
Place : Asia Collection Gallery

The Asia Collection Department display showcases books and journals from the Hawaii Karate Museum collection donated to Hamilton Library on Wednesday, July 30, 2008.

The majority of the books are currently being processed so they can be added to the Asia/East general collections. Over 260 rare books and journals have been placed in the Asia Special Collections, some of which are exhibited at the two display cases at the Bridge Gallery, "From Okinawa to Hawaii," and here in the center display case.




Karate: From Okinawa to Hawaii

Period: 07/01/09 - 08/28/09
Place : Hamilton Library Bridge Gallery

Much more than a form of unarmed self-defense, Karate is a unique cultural legacy of Okinawa. It was brought to Hawaii by the earliest Okinawan immigrants. In fact, pre-war Hawaii was one of the first places where Karate was propagated outside of Okinawa. Hawaii remains an important center of Karate - an art which is not only a martial art, sport, and form of recreation, but a timeless cultural treasure of Okinawa.

Today, Karate is practiced worldwide by people of all races and ages. Based on a message of peace and characterized by the expression "Karate ni sente nashi" (there is no first attack in Karate), Karate is much more than a method of self-defense - it is a way to develop self-discipline, improve one's health, and refine one's character. The true test of Karate is in one's daily life.

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The exhibit was sponsored by the University of Hawaii Library, Center for Okinawan Studies, Center for Japanese Studies, and the Consulate-General of Japan, Honolulu. Wayne Muromoto was our Art Director. For more information visit the Hawaii Karate Museum website.

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