Frank Hawley and His Book Seals

By Dr. Manabu Yokoyama
(Translated by Tokiko Y. Bazzell)
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"As many famous book collectors always have their own unique book seals, Frank Hawley, a great collector and scholar of the Sakamaki/Hawley Collection had very distinguished book seals, Zoshoin, 蔵書印 in Japanese. This page presents his four seals that he used on his books. These images were provided by Dr. Manabu Yokoyama, Professor of the Notre Dame Seishin University.

(Seal #1) 38x10mm
(Seal #2) 58x18mm
(Seal #3) 60x19mm
(Seal #4) 38x11mm

For additional information, visit the National Diet Library's Japanese Ex-libris Stamps page.

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