Preservation Efforts

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The 1st Scroll Restoration

"Chosen Tsushinshi Gyoretsu" 「朝鮮通信使行列」date unknown

Thanks to a scholar who worked at the Tokyo National Museum in Japan a conservator at the Museum agreed to work on the scroll.

first scroll first scroll

The 2nd Scroll Restoration

“Procession of Ryukyuans Enroute to Edo Castle 琉球人登城行列“ dated 1710 (27x1,975 cm & 27x1,867 cm)

second scroll In December 2004, an Okinawan studies scholar and the National Museum of Japanese History extended their help to this project. The Museum was planning to add a new section, which would depict interactions between Japan and Ryukyu/Okinawa from ancient times. Hawley’s scroll of 1710 was among good candidates for this section's display. A collaborative project of restoration and digitization was initiated. The restoration work was conducted by the museum’s conservator in Japan. On March 23 in 2006, the two rolls of the scroll were handed over to the museum in Japan and a year later on March 5, 2007, the completed scroll was back to Hawaii.

second scroll second scroll

The 3rd Scroll Restoration

"Ryukyu Shisha Kin Oji Shusshi no Gyoretsu 琉球使者金武王子出仕之行列". The 216 inch long scroll depicts the 1671 procession of the Ryukyu Kingdom’s Prince Kin to the Edo Castle.

third scrollThe restoration and digitization of the 360 year old scroll was conducted through the collaboration between Hawaii and Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum in Okinawa. The timing was especially appropriate because Governor Lingle approved the new Center for Okinawan Studies at UHM, a long dream of many people in local and university communities. President David McClain and his delegations met the museum officials and conservators on October 13, 2008 and received the restored scroll. The scroll was also exhibited at the museum for people in Okinawa between September 23 and October 13, 2008.

third scroll third scroll
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