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Buddha and the Rice-Planters
London: Sussex Video, c1976. (30 min.).
Songs and drums of Sri Lanka
Shows how village life has become integrated with Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

Footprint of the Buddha – India
New York: Time-Lie Multimedia, 1978. (52 min.).
Long Search: # 3
Eyre visits Sri Lanka and India to discover the type of Buddhism practices throughout Southeast Asia. Includes talks with monks, school children, novices, and housewives, who describe their own religious experiences and discuss the high moral standards demanded by Buddhism.

Heen Baba’s Dance and Drum Ensemble
New York, NY: Asia Society, [1983?]. (30 min.).
Premasiri and Sirisena give a virtuoso performance on the ceremonial drums and Surasena, the greatest dancer of Sri Lanka dances vannamas (literally ‘descriptive praise’) of the elephant and the butterfly, and finally presents part of the Ves, the sacred ritual of Sri Lanka.

Jesus and the Fisherman
London: SussexTapes, c1992. (27min.). Songs and drums of Sri Lanka
Discusses the introduction of Roman Catholicism in Sri Lanka by the Portuguese during the 16th century and shows a fishing village celebrating Easter by presenting a passion play.

Martin the Snake Charmer
Evanston, IL: Journal Films, c1987. (18 min.).
14-year-old Martin and his friend Radja must leave their home in search of tourists in Colombo who will pay to see their skills as snake charmers. Aspects such as social customs, religion, jungle inhabitants, and contrasts between city and nomadic life in Sri Lanka are also explored.

Monk, the Village and the Bo Tree
Chicago, IL: Films Incorporated, c1987. (28 min.).
Only one earth
In the remote village of Galahititya, Sri Lanka, a Buddhist monk has launched a crusade again misuse of the land caused by unsafe farming practices.

Peace and Development in the Third World
[Honolulu: UH Peace Crew], 1985. (30 min.).
Dr. Ariyaratne, founder and leader of the Sarvodaya Movement, Sri Lanka, and Major General Uban, founding president of the Vanguard for Peace Fountation, India, discuss the problems of peace and development in Sri Lanka and India.

Rice and Honey: Sri Lanka, Children in War
[Cherry Hill, NJ: Care Source], c1994. (53 min.)
Sri Lanka’s children describe the ethnic conflict which began in the early 1980’s between the Sinhala majority and the Tamil minority. They relate how their parents, friends, and neighbors have been killed and their villages ravaged by warfare.

Scent of Cinnamon
Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Inc., 1991. (50 min.).
The Flying Dutchman
The best cinnamon in the world used to come from Ceylon; but because Ceylon was located in the East, the Pople had granted it to Portugal--a fact that irked the Dutch to no end as they sailed past the aromatic iland en route to Indonesia. This program traces the efforts--some quite ludicrous--of the Dutch to conquer the island; their eventual success; the loss of the island to the British in 1802; and the legacy of the Dutch.

Sinhalese Songs
Honolulu, HI: 1977. (20 min.).
In Sinhalese.
A collection of Sinhalese songs recorded at the Culture Learning Institute, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii on October 19, 1977.

Song of Ceylon
[S.l.: s.n., 198-?]. (40 min.).
Artistic documentary film on the culture, relition and economy of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) in the 1930s, emphasizing the contrast between old traditions and 20th-century technology.

Sri Lanka: Dance and Music
[Lincoln?]: Nebraska Educational Television Council for Higher Education, c1977. (30 min.).
The culture of Sri Lanka is presented in the dance and music of a visiting troupe of native performers: D.R. Pieris, an accompanist and solo performer of the tabla (drums); Anil Mihiripenna, a flute and esraj (traditional stringed instrument) teacher at the University of Sri Lanka; and Basil Mihiripenna, an acclaimed master of dance. Traditional classical and contemporary Indian selections are performed.

Thovil, the Ritual Chanting, Dance and Drumming of Exorcism from Sri Lanka
New York, NY: Asia Society, [197-?]. (30 min.)
Dances from a ceremony in Southern Sri Lanka (Ceylon). VIDEOTAPE 924

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