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MyUH Upgrade Information May 2009

The following changes to MyUH took place in May of 2009:

Name Change from to

Please note that there was a name change from to Until campus web administrators can update their websites to reflect the new URL (, the old URL will be retired on Monday, November 02, 2009 at 9:00am (HST). Please update your favorite bookmarks with the new link. Staff using the older links in their correspondence to faculty/students should start using the new link immediately. For anyone using additional server links, or any questions about this name change, please send email to portal-feedback-l.

If you are experiencing problems with the connection, please clear your browser cache as noted in:

MyUH Changes

On May 21, 2009, the MyUH web site which handles registration, student services, faculty services, calendaring, and email was upgraded. This upgrade was required as a prerequisite for the new version of the Banner student information system. The following notable differences are listed.

Please be advised that there are known issues associated with this upgrade and we are working on them.  Please check  for details.



  • My Courses and My Groups are no longer available from May 21, 2009.
  • The "Getting Started" left column which houses the Academic Services, Star link, Student Services, and Faculty Services will remain the same. However, rather than a "Quick Links" drop down menu to access other services e.g. Laulima or Email, there will be icons to click on to take you to that service. 


  • You'll notice that the familiar tabs are still there: Home, My Tools, My Profile, UH Life and a campus web page. However, the My Course tools found on the My Tools tab has been replaced by the My Laulima channel. This provides a direct, single-sign on link to your Laulima courses (in addition to getting to Laulima by just clicking on the top right icon named "Laulima", or by visiting [Additional links for more Laulima information may be found at: Student Docs and Faculty Tutorials.]  


  • The UH Life tab also has been simplified and doesn't have the underlying links. Obsolete channels that were no longer supported in the new version have been removed. If you find that you were using a particular channel that is no longer available, please send email to portal-feedback-l, and  these requests will be reviewed.


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