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MyUH Upgrade Issues:

On May 21, 2009, the MyUH web site which handles registration, student services, faculty services, calendaring, and email was upgraded. This upgrade was necessary for upcoming upgrades in the UH student information system (banner). Information about the general upgrade may be found at:

This document addresses issues noted in this upgrade. Many were reported to the vendor but might still be awaiting vendor resolution if no workaround is mentioned. This document will be updated as we find solutions to the problems.

Issues noted with upgrade


  • [resolved 5/29/09 - should not receive this certificate error from 5/29]  If you are getting a "Security Certificate" issue saying that the site isn't the name of the certificate, you are probably using the older link of and need to replace that link with or
  • [A textbook link for each individual course is available in the MyLaulima channel under the "My Tools" tab. You would need to click on the 'B' for a link to that course's textbook. This is available for Summer Session courses currently and not available for West Oahu or Honolulu CC.]  The older textbook link under "My Courses" is currently not available. Please check your texbooks by going to the UH Bookstore link at:
  • If you had customized your layout (added tabs, added channels, rearranged channels), you'll need to reapply these customizations. Some channels were deleted due to incompatibility with the upgrade and are not available in the upgraded system. If you find that you were using a particular channel that is no longer available, please send email to portal-feedback-l, and these requests will be reviewed.
  • Users of older Mac OSes e.g. Mac OS 10.3 or 10.2 should use the Firefox browser, as Safari would be unpredictable.
  • Note: if using a system that's experiencing problems in displaying the Laulima channel in the MyTools tab, please use the alternate method and click on the Laulima icon on top right of any page. That should take you into your laulima courses.
  • Note: Laulima recommendations include using the Firefox browser for a better experience (less inconsistencies.)
  • Tabs might not consistently go to Home Tab
    1. Call Help Desk to reset the layout for you. Help desk  phone is (808) 956-8883 or (800) 558-2669 from a neighbor island. [Caution - this will reset the tabs to the default, and any customizations will be lost.]


  • If replying to any email with an attachment, the attachment is sent again with the reply, without the sender aware of this.
    Use caution when you 'reply' or 'reply all' to an email with any attachments as the email will send the original attachment(s) to everyone on the list again. This has been reported to the vendor.  (Note: only if person planned to add an attachment would he see the original attachment.)
  • In the following scenario for a new folder with moved messages, the message headers are not displayed properly:
    1. Create a new folder 
    2. Move email messages to the new folder 
    3. Edit the new folder and rename it to something else
    4. View the email messages in the renamed folder and you'll notice that the email messages moved in 
      step 2 do not seem to be in the renamed folder.  Different email messages appear.

Solution: If you click on the email, the correct messages are there, but headers displayed are incorrect. A refresh of the web page sometimes resolves this, but exiting the email, and redisplaying when you come back in should show the correct email messages in the folder.

  • Message headers are not displayed properly when doing a 'search' on 'all' folders. (They look unrelated to the search information.) However, when you click on the message they are correct. Not having the headers display correct information make this feature unusable. You are able to search by folder though, so if searching within 'Inbox' folder, messages will be displayed properly.
  • Forwarding an email
    1. After keying in 'to:' and 'cc:', those addresses disappear if changing 'plain text' and 'html text'
  • Reply to an email if using 'html text' 
    1. when doing reply or 'reply all' one cannot click in first line of area above original message to reply. Need to start on second line or editor will jump below original message to input text, and then ok to move the cursor.
  • When renaming a folder with a space in it, other email clients might interpret that space as a series of special characters e.g. if you renamed your folder to "Elog test", another email client might display that folder as "Elog test"
  • Intermittent problem: Can't input the following email format into the addressbook  xxxx_xxxxxxxxx/WAIKELE/
    1. Gives an error message saying that the email address may not contain the following characters , :: " < >( )[ ] { } or spaces
    2. or a different error message saying that the email address doesn't have a proper @domain name
    3. Solution: a fix has been applied to the server. If you experience this problem, please email the Help Desk at and let them know you are experiencing this problem. 


  • Availability problem
    1. Someone checking calendar availability will see that the targeted person is not available during a certain time frame. The time frame is incorrect. This issue has been reported to the vendor but no fix reported. For example, if a targetted person has a meeting at 2:30-3:30, it might display to a person that he is unavailable from 1:00-2:00. Workaround: Best to confirm with targetted person for availability via email or phone.
  • Group Calendar
    1. Can't view group calendar. Gives an error message that the calendar doesn't exist or person doesn't have permission to view. Reported to vendor
    2. Can't invite a calendar group. Gives an error that the person doesn't have permissions to do this.
  • Recurring event
    1. Can't create a repeat event for more than 60 days
    2. If this event was imported from an earlier version and want to edit 'all events', the 'edit' doesn't work for all events. You can only 'delete' all of the events. Workaround: if you need to edit this recurring event, you will need to delete it first and readd the event with edits.
    3. Some people have reported that the 'edit' button isn't available, and the only option is 'delete'. 
  • Intermittant problem with 'Add Event' using the procedure at the bottom of the calendar display. For some users, it won't add the event. Then after awhile, this feature might work.
  • Palm syncing not working
  • In the Print Preview for calendar, there is no button to print. You'll have to use the browser's 'File' and 'Print' menu. 
  • Adding someone as owner or sharing of calendar doesn't work if using the addressbook option of the calendar. After selecting a user to add, the following error message appears: "You cannot leave this field blank. Enter a user ID."  The following is an alternative solution:
    1. Go to the "Current Calendar" drop down box on top right and select "Manage Calendars"
    2. Select the calendar to share or add an owner, click on 'edit'
    3. To add another owner, type in the username under "Owners" section and click 'Add'
    4. To share your calendar, type in the username under "Share Calendar with Specific Users" and click 'Add'
    5. Click 'save'.


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