INFOBITS: Upgrading Your Web Browser


A web browser is a software program that you can use to access the World Wide Web; the primary purpose of a web browser is to bring resources to your computer's monitor and display them in an organized fashion. These resources may include text, audio, images, video, and links to data files or to additional sources of information such as webpages. Each browser functions similarly with common interface elements such as buttons for moving back/forward/stopping or reloading the page content, and windows to display site addresses and/or typing in words to accomplish a search for information. Each browser is also unique in the menu of application interfaces and security features that it may offer.

Information Technology Services (ITS) supports three browsers for the UH community; Apple Safari, Windows Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. ITS discontinues support of older web browser versions.

Whether your computers' operating system is Mac or PC based, any upgrade in a web browser version may create the possibility of incompatibilities with the requirements of other software applications currently running on your system. Before you initiate any upgrade you should visit or consult with the the ITS Help Desk to verify that upgrading will not adversely affect the applications you use.

A list of the current web browser versions and software applications supported by ITS for either Mac or PC operating systems can be reviewed in the AskUs article Browser Recommendations for ITS-Supported Web Allications.

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