INFOBITS: The Three Rs of Sustainability


In our electronic age there are now a few more Rs to add to the traditional rhythmic three Rs of Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic in primary education, we now have the three Rs of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle for sustainability. These added Rs are all the more important in light of the tight economic times that we’re experiencing, and also important for the future environmental stability of our planet.


One of the simplest steps that faculty or staff at the University of Hawaii can take to implement the Rs of sustainability is to check in frequently and use the UH Online Swap Meet. The Swap Meet connects University and State departments or agencies that wish to transfer surplus equipment or supplies that are no longer in their use; thereby saving money and also reducing the amount of waste materials that might end up in Hawaii's waste stream and landfills. The service is intended to enable transfers of UH property to other UH/State departments, not for selling or purchasing of goods; no personal transaction are allowed.


A UH Username is required to post information to the Swap Meet; messages are sent directly to the poster through the site so names and contact information remain confidential. While faculty or staff may list equipment and materials it is up to their individual Departments to arrange for the actual transfer of any items.


All UH participants should follow the university's Disposal or Transfer Procedures which are available in PDF format at the Swap Meet website. State departments may also recycle through the website as long as the proper equipment transfer procedures are followed.


If offering UH computer equipment through the Swap Meet you should follow the transfer information provided on the Disposal Guidelines For Unused Computer Equipment webpage. Also, if you are dealing with hazardous materials please review all UH Hazardous Chemical Redistribution and Exchange Procedures.


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