INFOBITS: New Law Regulates eWaste Recycling In Hawaii

As of January 1, 2010 Hawaii has a new law regulating the recycling of eWaste, the Hawaii Electronic Waste And Television Recycling and Recovery Act. Consumers are no longer required to search out a means for recycling some of their electronics, rather any manufacturer that sells equipment in Hawaii that is covered under the law (computers, printers, monitors, and portable computers with screens greater than four inches measured diagonally) is required to operate a program for take back and recycling of their equipment; retailers are only required to take back their in-house store brands. The Covered Electronic Devices (CED) list will be expanded in 2011 to include television sets. The State of Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) solid and hazardous waste branch must approve each manufacturer’s recycling plan.


Retailers are required to inform consumers about recycling programs offered by the manufacturers of CED equipment that they sell. Options for conveying this information may include messaging via store signage, websites, or printing on store receipts. Information provided must include the DOH website address and phone number. Any unlabeled CEDs are prohibited from sales.


Manufacturer recycling plans may include charging consumers a small fee for a return shipping label needed to ship to a recycling facility. They may not charge a fee if the equipment is brought by its’ owner to a location for recycling; however a reasonable transportation fee may be charged if the manufacturer/retailer removes the CED equipment from the owner’s premises at the owner’s request, and if the removal is not in conjunction with delivery of a new CED to the owner.


Whenever recycling any UH owned equipment you should always follow the information provided on the Disposal Guidelines For Unused Computer Equipment webpage.


Complete details on the new Hawaii Electronic Waste And Television Recycling and Recovery Act are available on the State of Hawaii Department of Health webpage.


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