Configuring Android for UH Mail

Please be sure your Android phone is connected to a cellular or wireless network before attempting to send/receive email.  Enable IMAP for Google@UH Gmail here.

To add an email account   

  1. Touch the Email icon on the Home screen or from the Launcher
  2. Open the Accounts screen.
  3. Press Menu  and touch Add account.
    In the Setup Email screen, enter your full email address, including the, and password.
  4. Select Manual setup.
  5. Incoming server settings(IMAP)
      Username: <> 
      Password: Type your password
      IMAP Server:
      Port: 993
      Security type: SSL
      IMAP Path prefix: Leave this field blank
  6. Outgoing server settings(SMTP)
      SMTP server:
      Port: 465
      Security Type: SSL
      Require sign-in: Select this option
      Username: <>
      Password: Type your password
  7. Enter a name for the account, e.g. Google@UH Gmail, confirm how you want your display name to appear in outgoing mail, i.e. Your Name, and touch Done.

To change an account's settings

  1. Open the Accounts screen.
  2. Touch and hold the account whose settings you want to change. In the menu that opens, touch Account settings.
    You can also open the settings for an account while you're viewing its Inbox, by pressing Menu  and touching Account settings.
  3.  When you're finished changing settings, press Back .

To delete an email account

  1. Open the Accounts screen. 
  2. Touch and hold the account to delete.
  3. Touch Remove account in the menu that opens.  
  4. Touch OK in the dialog to confirm that you want to delete the account.
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