Microsoft Exchange Email Service: Using Your Android Phone with the UH Exchange Service

ATTENTION: Microsoft Exchange Service account is required for this to work. Please DO NOT perform these steps if you don't have an Exchange account.

From your phone:

  1. Touch the Email icon on the Home screen or from the Launcher
  2. Open the Accounts screen
  3. Press Menu and touch Add account.  In the Setup Email screen, enter your full email address, including the, and password
  4. Select Manual setup
  5. Incoming server settings(Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync)

      Domain: hawaii 
      UH Username: <<UH Username>>
      Password: <<your exchange password>>
      Use secure connection (SSL): Select this option
      Accept all SSL certificates: This can be left unchecked

  6. Enter a name for the account, confirm how you want your display name to appear in outgoing mail, and touch Done


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