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The University of Hawaii Information Technology Services(ITS) data center is located on the first floor of Keller Hall, on the University of Hawaii Manoa campus.  ITS provides a number of options for hosting services in Keller data center.  Many UH campus and departmental web pages are hosted for no cost using the Personal Home Page service, the dynamic departmental web hosting service, or the web content management systems (Drupal, WordPress). 

For more complex server-based systems, the ITS Virtual Server Hosting Service is provided on a cost-recovery basis. It provides hardware and network infrastructure as well as access to the operating system for the development and deployment of complex applications.

With a standard virtual hosting agreement, cost and maintenance of the OS and other costs are the responsibility of the department.   ITS can provide server management services based on our standard contract services described below.

Technical Support

Contact the ITS Contract Services Group at (808) 956-2322 or email for technical support.  In all communications, reference your department name and SIMP number along with your name and contact number. 

Base Service


 Annual Fee
Virtual CPU
4 GB
Disk Quota
50 GB
There is a one-time $100 setup fee for each virtual machine requested.
  • Microsoft Windows 2008/2012
  • Red Hat Linux 5
  • Red Hat Linux 6


Additional vCPU is available at $170/CPU/yr.   


Additional RAM is available at $11/GB/yr.  


ITS will provide an initial 50 GB of storage with each virtual server for the base OS, programs and basic storage needs. Additional storage is available at the annual rates listed below. Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

High Performance(SAS, transactions based, 25GB increments)
Economical(SATA, file sharing, 25GB increments) $2//yr


If you require a backup of your system, you may request our optional backup service that will allow our datacenter backup system to perform an OS level back up of the server.  The cost of this service includes nightly backups that are retained for 30 days and offsite storage of the data.  Additional backup support for databases and mail services may require backup agents that may incur an additional cost.

Backup Service

Currently, unavailable for new customers.  Backup service will be available to new customers sometime in the Spring of 2014



Virtual hosting customers are expected to provide their own system administrator to manage custom applications.  ITS can provide limited system administration assistance for $50/hour.

Policies and Procedures


Prior to the setup of the Virtual Machine(VM), Contract Services staff will meet with the department to determine their requirements.  A VM with Windows or Linux images will be prepared for the departmental System Admnistrator.  Remote access to the VM will be provided.  Installation of VMs shall be done between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.   


ITS can only provide VMs supported by a System Administrator. The System Administrator is responsible for taking all trouble calls related to the server, for ensuring that the hardware, software and operating system remain protected against software and operating system exploits (hacks), and for all software installations, upgrades, patches, trouble-shooting, and problem resolution, as well as capacity planning and monitoring to ensure adequate storage capacity over the life of the server. The System Administrator or department must notify ITS immediately if there is a change in System Administrator.


In the event of catastrophic system failure, the System Administrator is responsible for restoring the system(OS), applications and data. 


 Contact our Contract Services group at for more information.


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