How Do I Upload or Download a Document Using Google@UH Drive?

Uploading a document or file

You can upload files to Google@UH Drive to be able to share and edit files online.

  1. In Google@UH Drive, click on the red Upload  button.

  2. Select either Files or Folder depending on whether you would like to upload a single file or an entire folder.

  3. Navigate to and select the file or folder you wish to upload.

  4. Select the appropriate checkbox if you would like to convert the document to Google's document format(s) and optionally choose the folder and share permissions, then click Start upload.

For more information on uploading files to Google@UH Drive please read

Downloading a document or file

  1. From the Drive document list, place a checkmark next to the document or documents you wish to download.

  2. Click on More, then select Download.

For more information on downloading/exporting files from Google Docs please read

Data encryption

Data uploaded and downloaded from Google Drive are generally encrypted in transit between Google Drive and your web browser using the TLS protocol. Additionally, all files uploaded to Google@UH Drive (except videos) are encrypted while stored on Google's servers. Note, however, that when you provide access to a file or folder in Google Drive to another person, that person has access to the unencrypted data. Therefore, it is critical that you carefully maintain the list of users and groups that your file and folders are shared with in Drive to ensure that unintended audiences can't view or edit your data. Furthermore, the data encryption described here and in use with the Drive service does not imply a sufficient level of security to be used for confidential or personally identifiable information (PII).

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