Purchasing Personal Computers for UH Departments

This article Askus 1264 is intended for UH departmental computer purchases. UH departments may use either the NASPO ValuePoint (formerly NASPO-WSCA) Contract Price List 15-05 or follow UH Small Purchasing procedures (APM A8.250).

The State Procurement Office (SPO) issued a new SPO Price List Contract No. 15-05 named "NASPO ValuePoint Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services", effective Oct. 1, 2015 through March 31, 2017. SPO contract 15-05 replaces SPO (formerly NASPO-WSCA) contract 10-01, "Computer Equipment, Peripherals and Related Services", which expired on Sept. 30, 2015.

To view SPO contract price list 15-05, please visit the Office of Procurement and Real Property Management's (OPRPM) website. Search for 15-05 on the SPO website. The current revision of SPO Contract 15-05 is dated Feb. 23, 2016.

General Procedure

  1. Specify a computer from NASPO ValuePoint (WSCA) vendor website(s) or a higher education or consumer website of a vendor of your choice.
    • Contact ITS if you need assistance with specifying a computer.

  2. Follow either SPO price list contract 15-05 procedures OR UH Small Purchasing procedures (APM A8.250).

    A. SPO 15-05 NASPO ValuePoint Price List Contract Procedures

    • Obtain written quotes from NASPO ValuePoint (WSCA) contractors or authorized resellers.
      • For purchases under $5,000
        • Obtain a minimum of one (1) written quote from a manufacturer or authorized reseller.
        • Form SPO-010 is optional.
        • Award is based on best value.
      • For purchases from $5,000 to under $100,000
        • Obtain a price quote from two (2) or more contractors OR
        • Select one contractor (EMC or Microsoft) and obtain a price quote from two (2) or more authorized resellers
        • Complete Form SPO-010.
        • Award is based on best value.
      • For purchases from $100,000 and above
        • Obtain a price quote from three (3) or more contractors OR
        • Select one contractor (EMC or Microsoft) and obtain a price quote from three (3) or more authorized ressellers
        • Complete Form SPO-010.
        • Award is based on best value.

    • Award the purchase to the NASPO ValuePoint contractor or authorized reseller offering the lowest price. If the lowest price does not meet the agency's specific requirement, the award may be made to the vendor(s) whose offer represents the best value to the agency.

    • Best value means the most advantageous offer determined by evaluating and comparing all relevant criteria in addition to price so that the offer meeting the overall combination that best services the agency is selected. These criteria may include, in addition to others
      • total cost of ownership
      • performance
      • history of the vendor
      • quality of goods
      • services
      • delivery
      • proposed technical performance

    B. UH Small Purchasing Procedures (APM A8.250)

    • Obtain a written quote from the vendor's representative or from the vendor's website.

    • If the purchase amount (including tax and shipping) is greater than $2,500, submit a request for quotation via SuperQuote

  3. Complete UH Form 95, if required. For purchases greater than $2,500.00 with only one (1) written quote, UH Form 95 is required.


  • Purchase orders shall be issued and payments shall be made directly to the vendor or authorized reseller.
  • pCards may be utilized if the order is within the pCard holders purchasing limits.
  • Any orders of $25,000.00 or more shall be submitted to OPRPM for approval.
  • Form SPO-010 (Record of Procurement) available from http://spo.hawaii.gov/all-forms/ is required for all purchases over $5,000.


Q: What are acceptable forms of written quotes?
A: A written quote could be an e-mail quote from the vendor's representative (preferred), printed copy of the vendor's website price, or a FAX copy of a written quotation.

Q: If I get an e-mail quote from one vendor, do I need to get an e-mail quote from the second vendor?
A: No, if you get an e-mail quote from one vendor, you can get a printed website quote from the second vendor as a second quote.

Q: How do I get a written quote?
A: Email the vendor's higher education representative or go to the vendor's website.

Q: How do I specify a computer?
A: Go to the vendor's website to configure an appropriate system or contact your college or departmental IT specialist or ITS* for assistance.

  • ITS recommends Dell or Apple computers for desktop and laptop systems.

If the department would like to configure their own systems, the department should provide the same specifications to all vendors from whom quotations are being solicited.

Q: Who determines if specified models from different vendors are comparable?
A: The department or individual is responsible to determine comparable models between manufacturers.

Supporting Links

* If you need help deciding on a system, please contact Jocelyn Kasamoto (x68295, jocelyn@hawaii.edu) for PCs and Teresa Sakata (x62399, teresa@hawaii.edu) for Macs.

Revised: March 18, 2016

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