Purchasing Personal Computers for UH Departments

According to OPRPM Circular 13-001 (dated Oct. 22, 2012), UH departments have been reinstated to utilize certain State Procurement Office (SPO) price and vendor list contracts. UH departments may purchase computer equipment, peripherals and related services using the WSCA contract (SPO Vendor List Contract 10-01, March 27, 2015) through September 30, 2015.

"This contract is not for the purchase of major, large hardware or hardware and software offerings. In general, individual units/configur ations for servers and storage should not exceed $300,000.00 each, with the exception for the following vendors who have increased the units/configurations limit to $500,000.00. The vendors are (Computer Technology Inc., EMC Corporation, Fujitsu America, Inc., Hewlett Packard Company, Howard Technology Solutions, IBM Corporation, Lenovo, NetApp, Inc., Transource Computers, Xiotech Corporation. Desktops per unit/configuration costs should not exceed $100,000. Printers of all types and monitors per unit/configuration costs should not exceed $50,000 each. This is not a restriction on how many units/configurations can be purchased, but on the value of each individual unit/configuration." (SPO Vendor List Contract 10-01, p 5)

Sept. 21, 2015:  A new SPO Price List Contract No. 15-05 named NASPO ValuePoint Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services will be posted on the SPO website effective October 1, 2015. The following vendors have signed a Participating Addendum with the State of Hawaii. They are Ace Technology Partners, Computer Technology Link Corporation, EMC Corporation, Fujitsu America, Grace Global Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, Howard Technologies Solutions, and Microsoft Corporation. Additional vendors will be added to this price list contract when they sign a Participating Addendum with the State of Hawaii.

General Procedure

  1. Specify a computer from WSCA vendor website(s).
    • Contact ITS if you need assistance with specifying a computer.
  2. Obtain written quotes from WSCA vendors (one quote per WSCA vendor).
    • minimum of two (2) written quotes for purchases under $100,000
    • minimum of three (3) written quotes for purchases from $100,000.00 or greater
  3. If the computer (including tax and shipping) is less than than $2,500, submit vendor quote to your Fiscal Admiinistrator for processing.
  4. Award the purchase to the WSCA vendor whose offer provides the best value in terms of quality of product, pricing, configuration, warranty coverage, technical support, lead time, etc. to the University.


  • Purchase orders shall be issued and payments shall be made directly to the vendor.
  • pCards may be utilized if the order is within the pCard holders purchasing limits.
  • Any orders of $25,000.00 or more shall be submitted to OPRPM for approval.
  • OPRPM Form 95 (Determination of Cost or Price Reasonableness, rev. 10/2013) must be completed for purchases exceeding $2,500.00 whenever applicable. See APM A8.285.
  • Form SPO-010 (Record of Procurement) available from http://spo.hawaii.gov/all-forms/ is required for all purchases, regardless of amount.


Q: What are acceptable forms of written quotes?
A: A written quote could be an e-mail quote from the vendor's representative (preferred), printed copy of the vendor's website price, or a FAX copy of a written quotation.

Q: If I get an e-mail quote from one vendor, do I need to get an e-mail quote from the second vendor?
A: No, if you get an e-mail quote from one vendor, you can get a printed website quote from the second vendor as a second quote.

Q: How do I get a written quote?
A: Email the vendor's higher education representative.

Q: How do I specify a computer?
A: Go to the vendor's website to configure an appropriate system or contact your college or departmental IT specialist or ITS* for assistance.

  • ITS recommends Dell or Apple computers for desktop systems.
    • Go to UH Dell page.
    • Go to UH Bookstore, scroll to the bottom and click on Buy Now in Apple Store for Education banner.

If the department would like to configure their own systems, the department should provide the same specifications to all vendors from whom quotations are being solicited.

Q: Who determines if specified models from different vendors are comparable?
A: The department or individual is responsible to determine comparable models between manufacturers.

Supporting Links

* If you need help deciding on a system, please contact Jocelyn Kasamoto (x68295, jocelyn@hawaii.edu) for PCs and Teresa Sakata (x62399, teresa@hawaii.edu) for Macs.

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