Getting Started with Identity Finder at UH

A key element of the University of Hawaii's information security program is "Protecting Sensitive Information at UH" (AskUs article number 1266).  Protection of sensitive information is done by finding sensitive information, then deleting it if no longer needed or securing it if it's absolutely necessary to keep it for University business-related operations.

Identity Finder (IDF) is a commercial software product designed to search a computer for sensitive information such as social security numbers and credit cards numbers.  University of Hawaii Information Technology Services (ITS) has acquired Identity Finder licenses to search for sensitive information on University-owned computers.  A free version for home/personal use (on personally-owned computers) is available from the Identity Finder website:

Two versions of Identitfy Finder are available for University use:

1)  scanning of servers (web servers, file servers, mail servers, FTP servers or any computer running similar services)

2)  scanning of workstations (desktop computers)

Servers:  To request a copy of Identity Finder to scan servers, please register your servers at:
For the initial registration, you will need to login with your UH username and password and identify:  point of contacts for each server, operating system, and type of data stored on the server.  At a later date, you will need to update your server information with the scanning results information.

You can register more than one server during a session.  And you will need only one copy of Identity Finder to install and run on ALL your registered servers that you manage.  During the registration process, you will be able to request a copy of Identity Finder to scan your servers for sensitive information.  After you submit your registration, you will be provided with a link to the server versions of IDF and installation instructions.  Registration is required so we can contact you about any server that needs to be remediated. 

You may also request that ITS perform the IDF scan by emailing your request to:

Workstations:  To get a copy of Identity Finder to scan your desktop computer, please visit:

You will need to login with your UH username and password to proceed.

Installation instructions will be provided when you download the Identity Finder software.


Identity Finder supports the following operating systems:

Windows 7, Vista, XP (SP1 and higher)

Mac OS X 10.5 and higher (10.8 is currently not supported)

Note: to scan unix file systems, the unix file system needs to be mounted remotely on a Windows system and scanned from the Windows system.  Or you can use Find_SSN to scan linux/solaris systems:



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