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Information Technology Services is upgrading the Manoa campus telecommunications infrastructure to provide 100 megabit or higher ethernet access to the desktop, convert to a Voice Over IP phone system and expand wireless coverage within the buildings.  This multi-year project  includes fiber installation to buildings as well as upgrades to the network equipment and telecom cabling.

General Deployment Schedule

1   ITS staff will gather information regarding existing cabling, network (wired and wireless), and phone connections.  

 For locations requiring new cabling, we will install a one-for-one replacement of existing telecom outlets near to the current locations.  Your department representative will be given a floor plan to indicate placement of the new outlet.  The normal telecom outlet installation will include two ethernet ports.  The new phone sets will allow you to connect your computer to a port on the phone, or  the telecom outlet.  If required, we will also need to identify space on the floor to mount the network equipment so the cabling will be in compliance with supporting gigiabit ethernet transmissions to the desktop.  We will work with you to make accommodations required so the the installation can be completed as quickly as possible.  

3  Downtime will be scheduled to install new network equipment and UPS units in the various building data closets

4  After all the back-end infrastructure has been installed, ITS staff will visit offices that have not converted to the Voice Over IP system, and install the IP phones to replace the existing analog or digital phone sets.  The old telephone handsets will be removed.  There may be some analog lines which will remain such as for fax machines, credit/debit card machines, alarm systems, conference phones, etc.  There will be a 15-20 minute outage as these lines are moved to the new cabling.  

5  As part of the cable installation, new telecom outets for the wireless access points will also be installed to expand the Manoa wireless service.  Once the cabling is complete and the network equipment is installed, ITS staff will mount the wireless access points to provide coverage within the building.  

The order and actual activity will vary depending on the building requirements.  Click  here for a status update .  The schedule is being coordinated with the Facilities Management Office and the respective department representatives.


Will I be able to change the location of the telecom outlets? 

If you would like the telecom outlet moved to a different location, inform your department representative so they can indicate the placement of the new outlet on the floor plan.

Can I add or remove telecom outlets?

The upgrade will replace existing telecom outlets  however we can work with you to make changes.

Will there be  costs associated with the addition of telecom outlets?

The project is a one-for-one replacement of telecom outlets and phones so monthly recurring costs will remain the same.  Additional costs will be incurred if additional IP phones are requested.

Can I continue to use my personal wireless router in my office after the wireless upgrade? 

The wireless upgrade is being designed to cover the indoor areas so you will no longer require the use of your personal wireless router.  In fact, the signal from your personal wireless router may interfere with the signal from the new access points and cause issues. 




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