UH Alert Troubleshooting

The UH Alert emergency text messaging system, http://www.hawaii.edu/alert , is used to send health and safety alerts to the UH community.  The common causes for not receiving text messages from UH Alert include(#5 is most common):

  1. You are not registered to receive UH Alerts. 
    • UH Alert is an OPT-IN service, you must register for this service to receive alerts.
    • Log into UH Alert and register your cell phone number.
  2. You have switched carriers or phone numbers and you forgot to update your UH Alert information.
    • Log into UH Alert and update your cell phone information.
  3. You have mis-typed your cell phone number into the UH Alert system. 
    • Log into UH Alert and double-check your number.
  4. The number you registered in the UH Alert system is not a cell phone number.
    • Many people input their office or home phone numbers.
    • Log into UH Alert and double-check your number, make sure it's your cell phone number.
  5. Your number is not activated for text messaging for UH Alert or UH Alert is blacklisted by your provider
    • Send a text message "START" (without quotes) to 878787.
    • Wait for a return message saying service has been reactivated.
    • If you get an error message contact your cell phone provider.
    • If you get the message "Service access denied" see #6.
  6. Your cell phone provider is prohibiting third party text messages to your phone.
    • Call your cell phone provider and ask if they are blocking 3rd party text messages, if they are, request to remove the block.
  7. Your cell phone is not capable of receiving text messages.
    • Add text messaging service to your cell phone plan.
  8. Your mobile phone service/carrier is not supported.
    • The following carriers are supported(list updated 1/20/2016):

      Alaska Communications Systems (ACS)AT&T
      bandwidth.com (includes Republic Wireless)
      Bluegrass Cellular
      C Spire Wireless (aka Cellular South)
      Carolina West Wireless
      Cellular One of N.E. Arizona
      Chariton Valley Cellular
      Chat Mobility
      Cleartalk (Flat Wireless)
      Copper Valley Telecom
      Cricket Wireless
      Cross Wireless
      DTC Wireless
      Duet IP (Max. Wireless/Wireless Comm. Venture)
      East Kentucky Network (Appalachian Wireless)
      ECIT/Cellular One of East Central Illinois
      Epic Touch
      GCI Communications
      Google Voice
      Illinois Valley Cellular
      Inland Cellular
      Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperative
      Limitless Mobile
      Mid-Rivers Communications
      Mobi PCS
      MobileNation/SI Wireless
      Mosaic Telecom
      MTA Wireless/Matanuska Kenai
      MTPCS Cellular One (Cellone Nation)
      Nex Tech Communications
      Northwest Missouri Cellular
      Panhandle Wireless
      Peoples Wireless
      Pine Cellular
      Pioneer Cellular
      Plateau Wireless
      Rural Independent Network Alliance (RINA)
      Sagebrush Cellular
      SRT Communications
      Thumb Cellular
      Union Telephone
      United States Cellular Corp
      United Wireless
      Viaero Wireless
      Virgin Mobile
      West Central Wireless
    • If your carrier is not listed you should check with your carrier to see if it is part of one of the larger carrier networks listed above and ask if shortcode messages can be enable with your service.
  9. There are various other errors that may prevent UH Alert from sending texts to your phone.
    • Call your cell phone provider to troubleshoot texts coming from 878787.

If you are still having problems after following the troubleshooting suggestions above, use the UH Alert feedback form and include your name, UH Username, your cell phone number, cell phone carrier and an explanation of your problem.

If you are no longer affiliated with UH(graduated, left employment) you will be automatically removed from the UH Alert system.  Only UH community members with an active UH Username are permitted to register for UH Alert.  

If you have questions or comments, use the UH Alert feedback form to contact us.

Please note that the UH Alert service is limited to UH students, faculty and staff with UH Usernames and passwords. This means that UH Foundation employees, community members, former employees and graduates not enrolled in ʻohana online services will NOT be able to register for UH Alerts at this time.

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