Google@UH Gmail Thunderbird (MAC) setup

Configuring Thunderbird for Google@UH Gmail

Note: The below steps might differ slightly in your Thunderbird, as it may be different than the version used to create these instructions.
Note: Make sure you have enabled IMAP in Google@UH Gmail before you continue, instructions can be found here.

  1. Open Thunderbird. (First time users may be prompted with "Would you like a new email address?", click on Skip this and use my existing email. You will be prompted with the Mail Account Setup, skip to step 4)

  2. On the menu bar, select Tools > Account Settings.

  3. On the Account Settings, use the drop down box on the lower left labeled Account Actions and select Add Mail Account.

  4. Fill out Your name as you would like it to appear on emails you send. In the Email Address box, type your full email address ( Optionally enter your password and check the box to remember your password.

  5. Click on Continue and immediately click on Manual Config. (Thunderbird will fail to find the settings for the account so you will need to enter the settings manually)

  6. The next screen allows you to type in connection information for the Google@UH mail servers.

    Incoming should be set to IMAP
    Server hostname should be set to
    Set SSL to SSL/TLS
    Set Authentication to OAuth2
    Change the Incoming Port to 993
    Username: Incoming should be your full email address (

    Outgoing should be set to SMTP
    Server hostname should be set to
    Set Authentication to OAuth2
    Change the Outgoing Port to 465 if using SSL/TLS or 587 if using STARTTLS
    Username: Outgoing should be your full email address (

  7. Note: if you are unable to select OAuth2 under the "Authentication" column, make sure the information in the other boxes are correct, then click on the "Re-test" button. You should now be able to select OAuth2.

  8. Click on Done.

  9. At the next screen, enter your UH username and password.

  10. After entering your UH username and password, at the next screen, click on your account to proceed.

  11. At the next screen, click on Allow to grant Thunderbird permission to access your account.

  12. The Thunderbird screen will appear. Click on Get Messages (upper left) or Inbox (left side of screen) to view your email.
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