How Do I Set a Footer(Bottom Banner) in LISTSERV?

Bottom banner templates allow you to include a footer on each message sent to a list. The DEFAULT_BOTTOM_BANNER and DEFAULT_BOTTOM_BANNER_HTML templates provided include a link that subscribers can click on to easily unsubscribe from a list. An example is provided below.

To enable the banner, you will need to copy the contents of the DEFAULT_BOTTOM_BANNER and DEFAULT_BOTTOM_BANNER_HTML templates to the BOTTOM_BANNER and BOTTOM_BANNER_HTML templates respectively.

  1. Log into LISTSERV.
  2. Under the List Management options in the menu on the left, select Mail Templates. You may need to click on the > button in the top-left corner to unhide the menu.

  3. If you own more than one list, use the Select List drop-down menu to choose which list you would like to modify mail templates for. Then, using the Template Categories drop-down menu, choose Top and Bottom Banners and click Select.

  4. In the resulting list of available templates, click on DEFAULT_BOTTOM_BANNER.

  5. Copy all of the text in the Content field.
  6. Click on Back. Then, navigate to the BOTTOM_BANNER template.
  7. Paste the text copied in Step 5 into the Content field of the BOTTOM_BANNER template and click on Update.
  8. Repeat Steps 4 through 7 with DEFAULT_BOTTOM_BANNER_HTML instead of DEFAULT_BOTTOM_BANNER and BOTTOM_BANNER_HTML instead of BOTTOM_BANNER to edit the HTML versions of the templates.
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