Telecommunication Services Rate Schedule July 1, 2014

For more information contact the Information Technology Services  - Telecom User Services  Office at 956-6033 or email

Telephone Services

Service Package


Monthly Recurring Cost



Package A - VoIP single line telephone (includes phone sets with extension only phone numbers)

Basic Line features

Includes the IP telephone set (1 line appearance), dial tone line, station-to-station dialing across the entire UH system-wide phone network, and the following features:

  • Call Forward

  • 3-Way Calling (3-way conference or call transfer)

  • Call Park

  • Caller ID Standard Block - Displays the UH Manoa main telephone number to non-UH recipients.

  • Last Number Redial

  • Music on Hold

  • Personal Directory, incoming and outgoing call logs

  • Handsfree or handset option

  • USB port to support keyboard, mouse, wireless headset or an audio device

  • No charge to move, change or delete telephone software features



Package B - VoIP multi-line telephone

Multi-line set features

Includes IP telephone set (2 or more line appearance), dial tone line, station-to-station dialing across the entire UH system-wide phone network, features listed in Package A plus  the following features:

  • Bluetooth support for 1.2 wireless headsets

  • Call Pick-Up Group

  • Directory Number Hunt - Allows multiple calls to be answered from a single published Directory Number.  If a line is busy, the call is automatically offered to another number in the hunt group.



Package C - Basic analog line service (used for fax machines, alarms, modems)

Jack only activation; department provides equipment.  Note that ITS will discontinue providing and servicing analog phones from July 1, 2015.




Additional Phone Numbers for Package B

Additional personal phone numbers can be added to an existing multi-line IP phone as a line appearance.  


$16.00 per number




Voice Mail Service



Monthly Recurring Cost

Voice Mail

Service includes:

  • Messages can be retrieved by telephone and/or sent to email account

  • Reach me service - Incoming calls can be forwarded to up to three numbers when there is no answer to the phone

  • Notify me service - Text message, phone call, and/or email notification can be configured when a new voice mail message is received

  • No charge to add change or delete voice mailbox



Long Distance Service




Long distance and directory assistance

Direct Dial Service to a Neighbor Island Anytime for all islands except Molokai and Lanai



Direct Dial Service to a Neighbor Island Anytime for Molokai and Lanai

$0.0371 per minute


Direct Dial Service to Mainland Anytime

$0.0270 per minute


Directory Assistance (1-808-555-1212)

$2.49 per call


Direct Dial Service to International Countries

.Refer to Long Distance Rate Schedule


Directory Assistance (9+00)

$7.95 per call


Calling Card Domestic Rate

$0.098 per minute



Cable Installation and Removal Service



One-time Charge

Install network grade cable

Installation of new dual-port data jack using category 6 cabling (cost includes material and labor)

For multiple installs, call the Telecom Office for pricing.

$500 per drop

Cable removal

Removal of jack (removal of wiring only; does not include surface raceways and outlet boxes)

$135 per drop

Temporary jack/cable removal

Temporary removal and reinstallation of jack/wiring

$225 per drop


Data Activation (Wired and Wireless)



One-time Charge

Data Jack Activation

Service includes:

  • Activate existing data jack for a 100/1000 bandwidth copper network connection

  • No charge to disconnect data jack

  • No charge to move connection to another jack within the same building

$50 per jack port

Installation of Wireless Access Point to UH wireless network

Install ITS managed wireless access point (includes connection to a 1 G Power-over-ethernet switch and the wireless access point that supports a/g/N; does not include jack installation)

$600 per access point

Copper Patch Cords

Gigabit-rated patch cords - 10’ or 25’ only  (limit 2 per jack)

call the Help Desk to submit an order



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