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Who is Eligible?

McAfee anti-virus software is licensed by the University of Hawaii (UH), Information Technology Services (ITS) site license for use by active UH faculty, staff, and students. Active UH faculty, staff, and students include any student taking a UH credit course, any faculty/staff currently employed by UH, and any faculty/staff currently employed by EWC/RCUH associated with UH.

UH faculty, staff and students may install McAfee software for their UH-owned Mac OS 10 computers (desktops and laptops), including computer labs on campus, and home computers (one license only).

Upon termination of employment or student status at UH, all copies of McAfee software obtained through the University of Hawaii, Information Technology Services site license must be uninstalled.

McAfee software can not be loaded on computers located outside the United States.

Latest Version

McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac 10.5.7

Supported Platforms

Mac OS 10.12 and higher (including 10.14) with at least 2 GB RAM

Getting the Software

  1. Go to the Software Download site.
  2. Click on Click here to login to the software download site.
  3. Login with your UH username and password, then click on Login.
  4. Fill in the number of computers you will installing McAfee Endpoint Security 10.5.7 on in the "Current # of Licenses" box.
  5. Click on the Download button.
  6. If you agree to the agreement terms, click the I agree button once.
  7. Save the file to your local hard drive.
  8. Click Logout.

Uninstall Instructions

  1. Open a Finder window.
  2. Click on the Go menu and select Utilities.
  3. Double-click on the Terminal icon. You will see the command prompt which includes the User ID for the account you are in and the "$" character (e.g., jdoe$).
  4. Type, sudo /Library/McAfee/cma/scripts/ (there is a space after “sudo”), on older versions you may need to type sudo /Library/McAfee/cma/ .
  5. Press the Return key. A Warning about improper use of the sudo command will be displayed, then a prompt to enter the account password.
  6. Enter the Administrator account password and press the Return key.  Note: Nothing will be displayed in the terminal window as you enter your password and you cannot backspace.
  7. Type exit then press the Return key.
  8. Click on the Terminal menu and select Quit Terminal.

Installation Instructions

McAfee Endpoint Security will be downloaded to your computer.

**Uninstall previous McAfee versions or anti-virus software prior to installing**

  1. When the download is finished, there will be a McAfee-Threat-Prevention-for-Mac-10.x.x-RTW-standalone-xxx.dmg icon in whatever location you downloaded the file to.
  2. Double click on the McAfee-Threat-Prevention-for-Mac-10.x.x-RTW-standalone-xxx.dmg icon.
  3. A disk icon named McAfee-Threat-Prevention-for-Mac-10.x.x-RTW-standalone-xxx will then be mounted on your desktop. A window containing an icon named McAfee-Threat-Prevention-for-Mac-10.x.x-RTW-standalone-xxx.pkg will appear on your screen.
  4. Double click on the McAfee-Threat-Prevention-for-Mac-10.x.x-RTW-standalone-xxx.pkg icon.
  5. The next screen will state, "This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed." Click on Continue.
  6. At the next screen, click Continue.
  7. You will be at the Read Me screen. Click Continue.
  8. You will be at the Software License Agreement screen. If you agree with the terms, click Continue. In the following window, click Agree.
  9. If the next window is a "Destination Select" window, make sure your hard drive is selected, then click Continue.
  10. In the next window, click the Install (it may also say Upgrade) button. You may be prompted for an administrator password. If you are, type the same password you use to login to your Macintosh, and click Install Software.
  11. McAfee Endpoint will now be installed. When it is finished, you should see a message that the software was installed successfully. Click on Close.

For Assistance

If you have problems with the software, please contact the ITS Help Desk. Email, call (808) 956-8883 or (800) 558-2669 toll free from the neighbor islands for assistance.

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