UH Account Management and Changes

You must activate your UH account before you can use your UH Email (Note: This was called an UH Email Account previous to September 2004). After your UH account is activated, your email address is your UH username with @hawaii.edu (e.g. the username “johns” would have the email address johns@hawaii.edu). Your UH email account is used for important campus information and should be checked periodically.

For specific instructions on managing your UH Account, like reseting your password or changing your account's security questions, please select your role at the University:

Note: Departmental and Organizational (RIO) usernames, that is, usernames that are used on behalf of departments or organizations, are handled separately from individual accounts. To manage or request a Departmental or Organizational username, please visit www.hawaii.edu/its/id.

Changes to Your UH Username

UH usernames are based on your legal name as it appears on official UH records. Active faculty, staff, or students can request a username change under the following circumstances:

  • There is a misspelling in your name.
  • Your legal name has changed and the username no longer reflects the legal name

Note: Your legal name must be changed at the appropriate UH office before requesting the username change. If your name has not yet been updated in our records, ITS will not process the username change request.

  • Students: Please check with your campus' Admissions and Records office for proper procedures and documentation to make a name change on your student records.
  • Faculty & Staff: Please check with your personnel officer to make a name change in PeopleSoft.

If one of these situations apply to you, contact the ITS Help Desk with your request to change your UH Username. You will be asked to verify your identity and provide a legitimate reason for the username change (e.g., marriage, divorce, legal name change, etc.).

Instructions for Requesting a UH Username Change

By Phone

Please call the ITS Help Desk at (808) 956-8883 or toll-free from neighbor islands (800) 558-2669 and inquire about changing your username.

By Email

Email the ITS Help Desk at help@hawaii.edu and inquire about changing your username.

After you have made the request to change your UH Username, ITS will email you to confirm the request for a UH Username change. Once you have received this confirmation email, you must send a reply back to ITS. This reply will confirm that you want to change your UH Username. After ITS has received the reply from you, your UH Username will be changed to the new UH Username and the account should be available in one to two business days. Your password is moved to your new account. It does not change.

You may also request that mail sent to your old email address be delivered to your new email address. This gives you time to notify correspondents of the change in your UH Username and unsubscribe from mailing lists. If you request this option, the following will occur:

  • The old account is disabled and made inaccessible by ITS.
  • ITS moves all files associated with the old account over to the new account.
  • The old account is configured by ITS such that email to the old account automatically goes to the new account for up to 30-days.

Note: you will be responsible for notifying your contacts of your email address change.

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