Setting up UHM Wireless on Windows 11


These instructions are for setting up access to the UHM broadcasted wireless SSID at the UH-Manoa campus when using Windows 11.

  1. Press Windows key + I key to open the Settings.
      Windows 11 System settings window
  2. Select Network & internet from the choices on the left.
     The Network & internet settings window
  3. Select Wi-Fi from the right.
    Selecting UHM from the Network & internet Wi-Fi window
  4. Select Show available networks.
  5. You will then see all available networks. Select UHM from the list of available networks.
     Network & internet Wi-Fi settings window
  6. Check Connect automatically, if desired, and then click the Connect button. Windows will show its progress as it attempts to connect to the wireless network.
  7. To check that you've connected successfully, click on the wireless icon in the bottom right and UHM should report Connected, open.
    Shows that UHM wifi has been connected to
  8. Once connected, launch a web browser, like Edge, Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, to login to the wireless network. Once logged in you are ready to browse the Web.
    UHM wireless authentication login page 


Learn more about the UH wireless network, including setting up a wireless authentication passthrough.

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