Basic Online Services for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Your UH Username is valid for the duration of your affiliation with the University of Hawaii. Students must be currently enrolled in good standing; faculty and staff must be current employees of UH. For eligibility requirements and procedures for obtaining an UH Username, see UH Username Practices.

Your UH Username provides you access to the following online services:

Note: This list of services is not exhaustive. There are many other online services that leverage the UH Username for access.

  • Google@UH - Your UH Username provides access to Google Apps for Education, which include Google@UH Gmail, Google@UH Calendar, and Google@UH Drive.
    • Gmail - Your UH Username becomes your Internet email address. For example, John Doe with UH Username jdoe will have an email address of You can access your UH email on any computer on the Internet with a Web browser using Google@UH Gmail. Client software, such as Thunderbird (Mac or PC) or Outlook (PC), can also be used to access your email account, and you can even setup your UH email account on a mobile device.
    • Calendar - Your UH Username is also linked to Google@UH Calendar, which is a fully-featured calendaring solution. You can access your calendars using a web browser, or setup your calendars on a mobile device.
    • Drive - Your UH Username provides access to Google@UH Drive, which can be used for file storage, file sharing, and collaboration.
    • Google@UH Storage Policy - Your Google@UH storage quota is based on your current affiliation.
    • Google@UH Service Availability Matrix - Your UH username can also provide access to Google Consumer Apps. Some features are only available for Faculty/Staff licenses. View the Service Availability Matrix
  • Campus Wireless - Each campus offers a wireless network for faculty, staff, and students to utilize, with your UH Username and password being used for access.
  • MyUH - This academic portal contains links to many online services for UH faculty, staff, and students.
  • Password Administration - You can manage your password for your UH Username online. Password administration also includes management of your secret questions and answers. You can fall back on these if they are wisely chosen to allow you to recover from losing or forgetting your password.
  • First.Last Email Alias - Faculty and Staff may designate a first.last email address alias for use on business cards, or other professional purposes. For example, John Doe may designate as an alias for his regular UH email address, This service is not currently available for students.
  • Spam Filtering - Spam is unsolicited email messages sent to your email account. Spam is also referred to as "unsolicited commercial email" and "unsolicited bulk email". They range from harmless advertising to potentially offensive (complete with pictures). Spam is very similar to "junk mail" that you receive in your regular postal mailbox. See Spam at the University of Hawaii.
  • Software Downloads - Faculty, staff, and students of the UH community may download software online, including anti-virus software for PCs and Macs. ITS licenses anti-virus protection software for all institutional and personal computers. Take the time to install the software and keep up with the free updates supplied via the Web.
  • UH Online Directory - An online directory of UH faculty and staff is provided to students, faculty and staff to help members of the University keep in touch.
  • Personal Webpages - Your UH Username permits you to create a personal homepage on the World Wide Web. John Doe with UH Username jdoe would create a homepage at
  • Student Employment - Students and UH employers have access to online services using their UH Username and depending on the requirements of Student Employment offices. Visit for more information.
  • Mailing Lists - A mailing list is a tool for communicating with a specific group of people via email. Mailing lists are useful for discussions and announcements. Faculty and staff may request a mailing list for a topic directly related to the academic and/or administrative work of the University of Hawaii.


There is normally no charge for a UH Username or the above services. Please note, however, for Non-Credit students: due to the manual processes of creating and maintaining UH Usernames for non-credit students, there will be a nominal assessed fee to create accounts for programs that want their students to have a UH Username for email or access privileges. Previously ITS was absorbing the costs, but regrettably now needs to pass on the costs. Fee is set at $10 per UH Username per semester of full service. For additional questions, please call the ITS Help Desk and ask to escalate to a staff member.


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Email Services:
First.Last Email Alias:
Spam at the University of Hawaii:
Software Downloads:
Online Directory Listing:
Personal Web Pages:
Student Employment:
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