Even with all this, I still receive spam!

Spammers are very aggressive in finding new ways to get their spam through any protective measures. ITS is making a concerted effort to isolate spam email before you receive it. But given differences in perception, there will never be a way to automatically identify 100% of spam without also blocking some amount of email that would be considered legitimate. It is very important that spam blocking is not overly aggressive such that legitimate email is also blocked. There are other emerging approaches to dealing with spam. Some involve the use of specialized or single-use email addresses and many of which require some amount of manual intervention at least once on the part of the sender or receiver to identify legitimate messages. ITS will continue to monitor the tools available to do our best for our email users.

ref: http://www.hawaii.edu/infotech/spam/spam.html#buti

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Created: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 11:19am
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