Budgeting for Departmental Computers

Departments should expect to spend between $800-$1200 per CPU. Plan on upgrading CPU's every three to four years. Departments should annually budget enough to upgrade a third or fourth of existing computers. By upgrading a fraction of departmental computers every year, departments can avoid large outlays needed to upgrade the entire staff all at once.

Additional Costs

Monitors will add $150-$1000 more per CPU, but often times you can save money by keeping your existing monitor rather than upgrading to a new one.

Expect to spend $100-$150 for a good inkjet printer for personal use. Laser printers will cost $400-$2500. Departments can save costs by buying laser printers with built-in network cards and sharing the printer among several staff members.

Software such as Microsoft Office will add an additional $50-$100 through ITS Site Licensing.

Training classes for the latest software will run $100-$200 per class. Classes are available from Outreach College or check the ITS Training schedule for available free classes.

ref: http://www.hawaii.edu/its/micro/pc/budgeting.html

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