Backing up the Entourage for Mac OS X email folder

If the user stores their email offline on their local hard drive, it is a good idea to create a backup copy of that email folder. A backup is especially useful if the hard drive crashes, or when the user wants to transfer their email to another computer. This document will discuss how to create a backup of the Entourage email folder on the MAC OS X platform.

Locating the email folder

The first step to creating a backup of the e-mail folder is locating it. The default location is in your Home folder, in the Documents folder, in the Microsoft User Data folder, in the Office X Identities folder, and finally, the Main Identity folder. In the figure below, the window has been opened up to the location of the Main Identity folder.

If your Main Identity folder is not located here, perform a search on your local hard drive for Main Identity. Click on Main Identity in the results to see the path to its location. Navigate to the folder that contains Main Identity.

Backup Email Folder

The Main Identity folder is the folder that you need to back up. Place a copy of this folder on external media (CD, floppy disk, zip drive, etc.) or place it on a secure server if you have access to one.


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