Getting Started with the MyUH Portal

Getting Started with MyUH

What is MyUH?

MyUH (My University of Hawaii) is the University of Hawaii's portal website, which provides UH students, faculty and staff with a virtual "front door", meaning a single point of access to email, course registration, course management, and Internet web browsing. This document will discuss the basic navigation of the MyUH website.

Getting Started

MyUH is located at

There is a Secure Access Login window in the upper left corner of the webpage. This is where you enter your UH Username and your UH Password to gain access to MyUH portal services. If you DO NOT have a UH Username and password, click on the Get a UH username link.


The MyUH Portal Window

Once logged into the system, you will see a window similar to the one below. Note, you have the ability to customize much of what you see below, so your screen may vary slightly. In addition, the Registration, and Class List links are only for teaching faculty and students, so they may not be available to everyone.


MyUH Navigation

The top left of the MyUH portal displays the name of the person logged in. Next to the name is a Preferences link that enable you to customize your layout.  On the top right of the screen are icons that connect to Academic Services, Laulima, Email, Calendar, and also allow you to send feedback about the portal, get help, and logout of the portal.

Below these icons are the tabs that display specific, customized information. The default tabs are Home, My Tools, My Profile, UH Life, and a home campus web page. The tabs are fully customizable, allowing each user to see information directly related to their interests. To customize the tabs, see the section Customizing the Portal Layout or click on the help icon on the top right of the page. A new window will open with help content that is available. Click on the "How do I..." link, and then click on the Customize content link.

Following is a list of the default tabs, and a general description of what will be found there.


The Home tab gives you a general overview of your portal account. You can start here to register for classes (students) and to view your class lists (faculty). On the left side of the Home tab are links for registration, class lists, My Profile, as well as a section on getting help with the portal. In the center of the Home tab is a listing of the latest UH News. On the right of the Home tab are Personal Announcements for you, and the Campus Event Calendar.

My Tools

Click on the My Tools tab to view the contents on that channel. On the left column on the My Tools tab is My Laulima, which contain a listing of your courses, your weekly calendar, and your events for the day. The right column has a preview of your five most recent email messages in your Inbox as well as the information for your library account.

My Profile

The My Profile tab allows you to change your password, change your secret questions, change the MyUH portal time out, and see an overview of your MyUH profile.  Note: the timeout is the amount of time of inactivity that passes before automatically logging you out of the system. A word of caution about changing the portal time out: the longer the time out period, the less secure your portal account will be. Choose a time out that's as short as possible for your needs.  In the right column, is the UH Rideshare program, and the Student Employment job search.  Also on this tab for students is the UH OnLine Directory options, where students can "opt-in" or "opt-out" of the UH OnLine Directory. 

UH Life

On the top left is the Bookmarks section. This section will display any bookmarks you have saved. There are some default bookmarks set for you, which you cannot change. Click on the campus you are interested in to see a list of common webpages for that campus. Beneath the bookmarks displays the current weather conditions.  In the right column, is the UH Rideshare program, which is an online ride-matching service designed as part of the university’s ongoing mission to support sustainability efforts.  Beneath the UH Rideshare program is the Student Employment Job Search, which can be used to search available student employment opportunities.


Customizing the Portal Layout

There are a few options you can customize with the layout of the portal. You can add channels you want, remove the ones you don't, add or remove items from the channels, and change the order in which they appear.

Customizing the layout of the portal can be accomplished by clicking on the Preferences link located on the top left of the window. The page that loads will have all the options for customizing the layout.

Customizing Channels

Channels provide a general overview of information, with links to more in-depth content or web pages. To customize the layout of a channel, simply click on the Preferences link from any of the pages in the portal.


Another option would be to add a new channel to the layout. To do this, simply click on the Add Channel button where you would like to place a new channel. In the page that opens is a drop down menu box for the category of channel to add. Select the category and then click on the go button.

Next, select a subcategory (if applicable) for the channel to add. Then click on the channel you would like to add from the list on the right. Finally, click on the Add channel button to add the channel. You can add more channels, or click on the link at the top left to go back to the tab you started from.



For more information on customizing the layout of the channels, click on the Help link at the top right of the page. Then click on the How do I... drop down folder on the left side of the window, and click on Customize content. This help page will provide you with a detailed explanation of how to customize all features of the portal.



MyUH Tools

There are several tools within the MyUH portal that you may use regularly. They are Student Services, Faculty Services, My Laulima, Calendar, and Email. *Note: depending on your affiliation with the University, you may not have access to all of these tools.


  • Student Services
    Student Services can be accessed by clicking on the Student Services link on the left side of the Home tab. Student services allows a student to register for classes, view their student records, as well as view their financial aid information.


  • Faculty Services
    Faculty Services allows faculty to view their class list, schedule, as well as the Grade Entry function. This tool is limited to active, teaching faculty. 


  • My Laulima
    Any courses you are teaching or are registered for will be displayed on the My Tools tab. For more information on using Laulima, refer to the following documents:


Laulima for faculty:

Laulima for students:


  • My Calendar
    To open your Google@UH Calendar, click on the GCal icon in the upper icon banner below the search bar.  For more information on using the Google@UH Calendar, please see the Google@UH Calendar FAQs.



  • My Email
    To open the complete Google@UH Webmail client, click on the GMail icon in the upper icon banner below the search bar. A new window will open to your Google@UH email. Refer to the Getting Started with Google@UH Gmail (Webmail) document for more information on using the Google@UH Webmail client.


Clicking the Help link located at the top right of the window will open a new window with the different types of help that are available. If there is something that you need to know how to do, this is a good place to start to find your answer.


Clicking the Logout link located at the top right of the window will close your session and log you out of the portal. It is important that you do this after you have finished a session, or will be leaving the computer for any amount of time. If you do not log out of the portal, someone can view your personal information without your permission. Always be sure to log out.

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