UH POLICY: Non-EDU Domain Names on UH Network

University of Hawaii units are expected to use a hawaii.edu domain name for all services provided through the UH network.  This makes it clear that the University is providing the resources to support the service.  Non-University activities should not be hosted on the UH network; such services are generally hosted on commercial Internet Service Providers.  However, there may be special circumstances under which a non-hawaii.edu domain name (e.g., .org, .info, .com) may be more appropriate for a specific activity hosted at the University. 


Units may seek approval for a non-hawaii.edu domain name from their Chancellor or Vice President.  Acceptable reasons for hosting non-hawaii.edu domains might include:

  1. The domain is being supported through a partnership or relationship between the University and a non-UH organization in which ensuring a distinction from the hawaii.edu domain is advantageous to the university.
  2. The domain is for a formal association, consortium or other organization of which the university is a member or partner and for which the University is receiving benefit for hosting the domain.

Only Chancellors, Vice Presidents or the President may approve use of non-hawaii.edu domains on UH networks by units within their purview.


Requests for non-hawaii.edu domain names should be submitted online or in a memorandum describing the situation and rationale for not using a hawaii.edu domain for a service hosted on the UH.  The memo must be approved online or in writing by the requestor’s Chancellor or Vice President, or the UH President.

Written requests for hosting non-hawaii.edu domain names on the UH network, including the written executive approval, should be sent to the following address or submitted online:

ATTN: Domain Name Request - Web Group
Information Technology Services
University of Hawaii at Manoa
2520 Correa Road, 5th Floor
Honolulu, HI 96822

Fax: (808) 956-7483
Email: webhead@hawaii.edu


Only after the approved request is acknowledged by ITS should the unit procure the desired domain name. 


All costs associated with the procurement and registration of the external domain name are the responsibility of the requesting unit.


Non-hawaii.edu domains are not automatically included in the UH search system.  If you wish to have your non-hawaii.edu domain name included in the UH system or UH Manoa website searches, please manually add your website at the Custom Search Keyword Request page

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