Basic Guidelines for University of Hawaii Webpages

Though ITS does not wish to stifle creativity for any departmental webpage, there needs to be a concerted effort to adhere to at least some minimal set of standards. Here are some guidelines (in no particular order) which you may consider:

  1. Departments should make an attempt to produce a website with information about the services offered. People visit a site to find out about what programs are being offered or how to enroll in them, or some other specific and useful information offered at the site. Sites that are simply of the "who we are" variety which just talks about the department or office and contains a staff listing are not as useful.
  2. Include the name of the department responsible for the content at the bottom.
  3. Include an email address at the bottom of the page for questions or to report problems.
  4. Include a "Last Reviewed" or a "Last Updated" date at the bottom. (The term "Last Reviewed" implies that although the information may not have changed since the last time, it is being checked for accuracy on a periodic basis.)
  5. Consider accessibility for the disabled. Information on website accessibility can be found at
  6. To aid searching, the <title> for each document should be concise and should reflect what is on the page.
  7. Likewise, include <meta> tags for keyword searching.
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