Eudora Email Client Advisory - March 20, 2007

Eudora for Mac and PC have been email client applications that have been supported by ITS for over 10 years.  However, changes are forthcoming since October 2006 when Qualcomm, the parent company of Eudora, announced that the most current versions will be its last sponsored releases. All future versions will be based on the same technology standards as Mozilla Thunderbird and will be an "open source" application. This means that the company won't be the sole developer of the application, but is sharing programming code so that other developers can customize or enhance the application also. Although this is good in some ways, it also means that Eudora won't be an active product that the company will be enhancing or supporting as fully as it once did.

For the Macintosh OS X Eudora users, the most recent version of Eudora is version 6.24. You need to be at this version in order for your Eudora not to revert to 'Light' mode on March 31, 2007 when Qualcomm will revert all older versions to Light mode. The Light mode lacks major functionality as listed at the bottom of this article. Since version 6.24 works similarly to previous 6.x versions, you should  upgrade before March 31 to have the same functionality.

For those using Windows Eudora, there is a major change for those currently using version 6. As of March 31, 2007, Eudora will be supporting only it's most recent version 7.1, and will be downgrading all older versions to 'Light' mode.

ITS has tested this latest release and rather than moving to this new release before March 31 or using Eudora Light with major features lacking, we are advising the community to change email clients. ITS is recommending Mozilla Thunderbird as an alternative for those that don't want to use Eudora Light or want to convert to another email client. Thunderbird also uses open source standards, but has been in existence for several years and has proven to be stable, reliable, and runs relatively fast. Several staff are using this client now.  For more information on Thunderbird, we have a "Getting Started" doc at:

Below are more details of Window version 7.1 and the Eudora Light version 6 which influenced our decision to recommend Thunderbird rather than support a new version of Windows Eudora.  Windows Eudora 7.1 lacked some basic features that made earlier versions easy to use. Please be advised that Windows Eudora 7.1 will not be a supported UH email client, and will drop to "best effort" status. [Best effort status means that ITS will assist on a one-time effort, but won't do in-depth troubleshooting or won't reinstall this client for those at the Manoa campus.]

Windows Eudora 7.1 major undesirable features:
 1. 'Delete' works differently and causes confusion and frustration as email messages aren't deleted, but 'hidden' from view. Although there are workarounds, it is advisable to move to an alternate email e.g. Thunderbird.
2. IMAP connections are unusually slow.

Eudora Light Features:
For our UH community that have been using any version 6 in Windows 'sponsored' mode or using any Mac versions earlier than version 6.24, these features will be lacking after March 31, 2007 in Eudora Light:
  - No Junk mail filtering
  - No Spell checking
  - No MoodWatch (this feature checks your messages for "flame" content before you send it)
  - No Statistics on how much email you send and receive
  - No Autocompletion of addresses as you type
  - No ability to have multiple personalities (if you have more than one email account)
  - No Message stationery (templates)
  - No ability to have multiple signatures
  - No ability to have multiple address books
  - No ability to find messages based on multiple search criteria
  - No Toolbar customization
  - No Advanced editing features such as centering and indentation
  - No Advanced filtering options

If you have any questions, please call the ITS Help Desk at (808) 956-8883 or toll free from neighbor islands at (800) 558-2669. You may also send email

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