Disposal Guidelines For Unused UH-Owned Computer Equipment

This document is intended to assist University of Hawai‘i departments who wish to dispose of computer equipment that may still be useful to others. These guidelines are not intended to replace any Administrative Procedures, so be sure to consult with your Administrative Officer (AO) or Fiscal Officer (FO) for specific procedures to facilitate the disposal.

Before initiating any disposal effort, you must verify ownership using the state decal number (or serial number if no decal is found) against the departmental inventory records. If the item cannot be found on the inventory records, it may be necessary for your AO or FO to research the original purchase before the disposal process can begin.


Before donating or recycling a computer you should erase all files containing personal information. Simply deleting files isn’t enough; you should overwrite the disc files. UH Information Technology Services (ITS) has compiled tips for “Securely Deleting Electronic Information.”


The preferred method of disposing of computer equipment is to find another University department, state department, or agency that can use the equipment.

  1. First, send out email or internal memos to see if there is anyone within your department or college that would want the equipment.
  2. If no one within your unit is interested, advertise the item on the UH Electronic Swap Meet.

    Before adding your notice, be sure to search the current database of available or wanted items to see if anyone has already posted a request for a similar item. (You may also click the button on the right side of the main page to be added to an email list that will notify you when new items are added to the Swap Meet database.)

  3. Contact the State of Hawaii Surplus Property Branch at (808) 831-6757, or other state departments or agencies you know of that may have use for the equipment.

If another University unit agrees to the equipment, have your department Administrative Officer (AO) or Fiscal Officer (FO) process in KFS (Kuali Financial Systems).


If there is no department interested in your surplus equipment, the organizations listed below will accept used computers and peripherals to be placed in schools or other non-profit areas. While newer, working equipment is preferred, older or non-working pieces may also be accepted. In all cases, notify your AO or FO prior to finalizing your donation.

While we have made a best effort to provide a comprehensive list that includes current contact information please contact ITS if you encounter an outdated link or have additional options to share.

  • Hawaiian Hope is a tech repair and reuse organization.  Uses donated hardware to provide technology service to other non-profit organizations, homeless, low income families, veterans and students. Full Hard Drive Wiping done on all computers. Volunteers Accepted.
  • The Freecycle Network is a nonprofit Yahoo Groups’ movement of people who are offering items for free in their own towns. Membership is free; use the list at your own risk. http://www.freecycle.org
  • Friends of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Volcano, HI) accepts donations primarily on a need basis. They are a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization. Donations are either brought to the office in the Volcanoes National Park, or picked up by a volunteer close to your area. For more information, contact ainahou2@aol.com or (808) 985-7373.
  • National Cristina Foundation gives computer equipment and software a second productive life by placing these technology resources with charities, schools, and public agencies, to provide training to students at risk, the economically disadvantaged, and people with disabilities. Email: ncf@cristina.org  Phone: 1-800-274-7846
  • The Arc in Hawaii is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides residential and day services to men and women with intellectual disabilities. Residences are distributed throughout Oahu; day services are provided at Ruger, Pearl City and Wahiawa. The Arc accepts donations of older generation computers capable of running industry standard software that assures the level of security required for HIPPA compliance. Email: info@thearcinhawaii.org  Phone: (808) 737-7995

UH Manoa eWaste Pick-Up Program

Only for the UH Manoa campus, UH Landscaping accepts eWaste all year long for University-owned eWaste equipment.



An eWaste recycling law has been in effect for the state of Hawaii since January 1, 2010. The law requires that manufacturers of computers, monitors, and printers sold in the State must take back and recycle their products; retailers are only required to take back their in-house store brands. In 2011, the law added television sets to the mandatory electronics recycling equipment list. A list of approved manufacturers' plans, list of Hawaii eWaste collectors, and details concerning the new law are available on the State of Hawaii Department of Health Electronic Device and Television Recycling Law webpage.


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