Sample Password Reset Request Memo

*** Please be sure to submit your request on departmental letterhead ***


Please replace all of the italic items with your information.


Date:   today's date

To:         Information Technology Services (ITS)
From:     Your Department's name or Your name (if on campus)
Subject: Password Reset for your legal name

Please reset the password for the following account:

    UH Username or UH Email Account: username or for UH Email Account

    Legal Name: full legal name

    UH Number or last four digits of SSN: xxxx-xxxx (your UH Number) or 9999 (the last four digits of your social security number)

    Month and day of your Date of Birth: mm/dd

    Telephone: Your campus telephone number (if on campus)

    Please call requestor's name at telephone number. (if department is faxing for you)

Please include the signature of your department's Dean or Director, unless a government photo ID is included.

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