Vista Application Compatibility

Vista OS Advisory for UH-owned computers:
ITS is currently recommending that the UH community continue to use Windows XP, especially if you use any of the UH applications that have not been certified by the software vendor, or thoroughly tested. New PC systems purchased should be Vista-capable or ready, but should be initially configured for use with Windows XP Professional. Past experience is that early adoption of a new OS is most appropriate for individuals with significant personal technical expertise and interest in specific new features. These early users of Vista should plan on encountering problems that interfere with their work until resolved through subsequent releases of Vista or other software packages. If newly purchased UH computers are pre-installed with Vista (without the option for Windows XP), one alternative is to purchase the lowest cost/version of Vista (e.g. the Home version) from the vendor and then purchase the MS Windows Vista Business Upgrade License (with or without Software Assurance [SA]). [Note: Computers purchased with Windows Vista Business have the option of purchasing SA ONLY within 90 days from the computer purchase date.] The Windows Vista Upgrade and/or SA license may be purchased from the ITS Site License Office: The Vista Upgrade and/or SA license allows you to downgrade the OS to use Windows XP Professional. When you are ready to convert to the Vista OS, or when all the applications you use in your work are certified to function correctly with Vista, you will have the option to use your Vista license to install Vista Business or Vista Enterprise (only if SA is purchased).

Please note that this is only for UH owned computers using specific UH administrative applications. Also, the ITS Site License purchase of Software Assurance for the OS is only for UH departments. This advisory does not pertain to personal home computers or personal purchases.

This page shows the status of what applications were tested. Caution: common functionality was tested and might not be as comprehensive as certification by the vendor would require. If in doubt, please check with the vendor if they have more updated information regarding their application support. UH applications that do not work with Vista fully or partially are listed in red.

ITS Supported Applications

Product Current Supported Version Vendor Supported Microsoft Certification Status Works Versions Tested More Information
Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 YES NONE Works with known limitations 7.0 / 8.0 Adobe Support
Host Explorer 2008 YES NONE


2008 Host Explorer Support
McAfee AntiSpyware 8.7i YES NONE YES, VSE 8.7 required 8.7i McAfee Support
McAfee AntiVirus 8.5i / 8.7i YES NONE YES 8.5i / 8.7i McAfee Support
Mozilla Firefox YES NONE YES Firefox Support
Mozilla Thunderbird YES NONE YES Thunderbird Support
MS Internet Explorer 7.0 YES NONE Works[2] 7.0 Internet Explorer Support
MS Office 2007 / 2003 YES Certified / Works Works 2007/ 2003  
MS Outlook Express   NO NONE Replaced with Windows Mail   Outlook Express Support
MS Outlook 2007 / 2003 YES Certified / Works Works 2007/ 2003  
SSH 3.2.9 NO NONE YES 3.2.9  

ITS Supported Web Applications

Product Current Supported Version Vendor Supported Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer 7.0 Netscape 7.1
1.5 2.0
1098T (Tax Credit)  N/A   Works  Works  
Banner 7 Forms Server (for admin)
Works Works Works with alternate link

eInventory N/A   Works
ePurchasing N/A   Works Works  
eTravel N/A   Works  Works
Financial Datamart NO.  Uses Oracle Discoverer which is not supported on Vista. Use Windows XP.        
IRO Dynamic Reporting N/A
IRO ODS Data Element Dictionary
Works  Works
MyUH (Portal) NO Works Works Works Works
PageCenter N/A
Works Works
Peoplesoft 8.8.1   NO   Works
Profiler N/A   Works Works
SCOPIS Web   N/A   Works  Works
SECE N/A   Works  Works
UH Online Admissions N/A   Works
Unit Budgeting (UBUD) NO.  Only the portion of the app  that uses Oracle Discoverer for reports doesn't work with Vista. 
  Works Works
Laulima NO    Works  Works  

ITS Unsupported Applications

Product Current Version Vendor Supported Microsoft Certification Status Works Versions Tested More Information
Adobe Products Various Some applications have support some do not as of current version NONE Some Applications work with known limitations Various Adobe Support
Autodesk AutoCAD 2007 YES Works With Vista Must use SP2 (see link) 2007 AutoCAD Support
Hyperion Intelligence Explorer (Brioquery) 8.5 Yes Works With Vista YES 8.5  
EndNote X NO NONE Can be Installed 8.0.2 / 9.0.1 / X.0.2 Endnote Support
ESRI ArcGIS 9.2 NO NONE Can be Installed 9.2 ArcGIS Support
Eudora 7.1 YES NONE Works except for Windows Help 7.1 Eudora Support
Matlab R2007a / R2006b YES / NO NONE YES R2007a / R2006b Matlab Current Release Support
Matlab Previous Release Support
Netscape Communicator 7.1 NO NONE YES 7.1  
NVivo 7.0 YES Works With Vista YES 7.0 NVivo Support
SAS 9.1.3 SP4
YES NONE Must install SP4
9.1.3 SP4
SAS Support
SPSS 15.0 YES NONE Works with hotfix (see link) 15.0 SPSS Support
Winzip 11.1 YES Certified YES 11.1 WinZip Support
WordPerfect Office X3 YES Works With Vista YES with SP2 (see link) X3 WordPerfect Support
WS_FTP 5.0.8 NO NONE Works 5.0.8  


For more information on applications that have been certified by Microsoft to be compatible with Vista, see their website at

VISTA does not support WinHelp as did the previous versions of the OS. This will affect any software that uses WinHelp for writing their help system. Also HTMLHelp is restricted when used under VISTA. There is a work around for this. You can download the "WinHelp for Vista" from Microsoft. This will fix the software that uses WinHelp. You can download the software from the Microsoft KB article:

[1] All applications were tested with Vista Business – 32 bit.

[2] You can still use IE 6 if necessary by first downloading Virtual PC 2007 then downloading This installer from Microsoft. This will give you a virtual hard drive that you can install Windows XP SP2 on to run IE 6.

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