ITS Template Guide

1. Save the template that you want to use from the index page onto your computer

  • For Macs: go to “File” and then to “Download Linked File.”
  • For Windows: right click and go to “Save Target As.”
  • Immediately save the UH System Simple Template as “test.html” onto your desktop

2. Open up the file in a text editor

  • When the file is in your computer you can start working on the page
  • It is your choice of what type of text editor to use
  • Editors For Macs include: Dreamweaver, TextEdit, Emacs
  • Editors For Windows include: Frontpage, Notepad, Wordpad
  • Right now you may use Notepad or TextEdit

3. Edit the file in your text editor

  • In order to edit you will need a basic knowledge of HTML
  • Here is a link to an HTML Tutorial
  • Your download should look like this Example Beginning . This is how the page appears using the Example Beginning HTML
  • After editing, the finished download now looks like this Example End
  • HTML edits within the template can only be made in the areas highlighted in red

4. Save and View your page

  • Save the page onto your desktop
  • Now you can view how the page looks
  • Just double click the icon and the page will show up in your browser
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