What happens to my UH Username when I graduate or leave UH?

Students, Non-retiring Faculty and Staff, and UH Affiliates

Students who are not registered for classes for consecutive (Fall, Spring) semesters, Faculty and Staff who leave UH, but are not retiring, and UH Affiliates whose affiliations expire, transition to the role of 'Ohana. 'Ohana will have a grace period of up to 180 days, during which they will continue to have full access to basic online services, unless there is a request to terminate the UH Username sooner, or because of violations to the acceptable use policy (http://www.hawaii.edu/infotech/policies/itpolicy.html). ITS will inform each individual via email when they begin the grace period and ITS will send periodic reminders throughout the grace period to help keep them aware of the approach of the end of the grace period. During the grace period, they will have the option to enroll in our 'Ohana online services, which, among other things, will keep the individual's UH email account active and available.

After the grace period ends, all data associated with the UH Username will no longer be available. If an individual has enrolled in our 'Ohana online services, their UH email account, along with all email messages and folders stored in the account, will continue to be available contingent on annual renewal of this enrollment.

Enrolling in Ohana online services

Retiring Faculty and Staff, and Emeriti

Faculty and Staff who retire from UH, as well as Emeriti, are allowed continued use of their UH Username. Use of the UH Username is subject to an annual renewal. Email reminders will be sent to Retirees and Emeriti regarding their respective upcoming renewal deadline. For more details about basic online services for Retirees and Emeriti, see http://www.hawaii.edu/askus/933.

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