UH Exchange Service: Activating Your blackberry on the UH Exchange Service

ATTENTION: UH Exchange account is required for this to work. Please DO NOT perform these steps if you don't have an UH Exchange account. If you are trying to synch a Blackberry device to your UH Google acccount, please refer to this article:  http://www.hawaii.edu/askus/1219

NOTE: As of September 2013 only Blackberry OS 10 or above will be supported.  OS 10 does not require activation and should be setup using Activesync, please refer to this article: http://www.hawaii.edu/askus/1537

Blackberry activation requires that the handheld to be wiped (erased) prior to activation. Please backup your Blackberry before wiping your handheld. Security Wipe will erase all your personalization and data. It will NOT erase any of your third party applications that you've installed. Please contact the helpdesk if you are not sure whether or not to wipe the device.

Contact your UH Exchange Administrator to obtain an activation password (this is a one-time use password and is NOT the same as your UH password). Follow the steps below only after you've received your activation password.

1. Turn your BlackBerry on (if your device is brand new, please make sure it's fully charged). Make sure wireless is turned on and that you have a relatively strong signal.

2. Scroll to and open Enterprise Activation. Enter your email address and activation password and click the track wheel/touch pad and select Activate.  Some versions of the blackberry has a field for Server Address (sometimes Server Name), be sure to leave that BLANK. If you don't see the Enterprise Activation icon on the main screen, you should be able to locate it under Options. 

Over-the-air activation will begin. This may take up to half an hour, depending on how much data is being transferred. Your screen should show the following messages as activation occurs:


Verifying encryption...

Encryption verified.

Waiting for services...

Services received.

Your e-mail address, "uhusername@hawaii.edu"

is now enabled.

Synchronizing service desktop...

The top right hand corner of your BlackBerry screen will indicate what percentage of the activation process is complete.

Once activation is complete, your BlackBerry will show the message:

Activation complete.

7. Congratulations your activation is done.


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